Mella Dee – Feel It Out

April 20, 2014 in Singles

Mella Dee Feel It Out Manucci's MistressMore garage-inflected bizniss here courtesy of London’s Manucci’s Mistress, a label who’ve not featured on here before, and Yorkshire lad Ryan Aitchison AKA Mella Dee.

Feel It Out marries contemporary house beats to a bassline that could’ve come straight off a 187 Lockdown or Baffled Republic record from 1997, topping the lot with stuttering, chipmunk’d “on the street, back on the street” vox. B-side Raptor operates in similar territory but this time with more techno-sounding drums, no vocal and some spooky, haunting synths, while fellow Yorkshireman Will Berridge serves up a slightly smoother, housier dub that nevertheless maintains the air of brooding menace.

File under “dark future garage”.

Out: This week

About: You can find Manucci’s Mistress and parent label Sccucci Manucci on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.