Mattik & No Rabbitz – Remember

May 15, 2013 in Singles

Mattik & No Rabbitz Remember Haute MusiqueHaving ended last night with a couple of tracks that utilised very well-known old vocal samples, tonight let’s kick off with another one. Er, sort of.

See, there’s a painful irony in this being called Remember, because let’s face it the rave years have not been kind and yours truly spent several frustrating days trying to recall where exactly the vocal here is lifted from. I knew it was the verse (note: not the chorus, that’d be easy) from some out-and-out handbag anthem from the mid-90s, but what, exactly? Blast Crazy Man? No. Duke So In Love? No. Tony Di Bart The Real Thing? Definitely not. But along those lines, definitely. And then it came to me… what cheeky Greek whippersnappers Mattik & No Rabbitz have done here is lift the verse from Full Intention’s I Love America… the bit that’s NOT from the Patrick Juvet original, just to confuse matters further. And bugger me was I relieved when that finally came to me.

Anyway, the Greek whippersnappers’ Original puts said vocal over a nice jaunty, strutting deep/tech riddim, while Onur Ozman takes us on a deeper ride as you’d expect, and I’m rather liking both. That is all.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Big Al’s label Haute Musique, who you can find on Facebook, on Soundcloud or (big mid-90s overlong drum roll…) their own website.