Mateo & Matos – Deep Afro Rootz

July 8, 2012 in Singles

Mateo & Matos Deep Afro Rootz King Street

Blimey! Seems like years since I had anything through from Mateo & Matos, who at one time used to be among the most prolific producers in house music. Not sure if they’ve actually been quiet or if I’m just out of the loop or what… but anyway here they are again.

The title of this one does give the game away somewhat… and as regular TIWWD readers will know, I’m not usually the biggest fan of Afro grooves. But while the Main Mix goes a bit overboard on the chanting for me, the Beatz mix could come in handy I’m sure. More to the point, you also get two rubs of Open Minded, a more straight-up house workout with a neat line in understated organ sounds and warm Rhodes chords.

It’s definitely the latter track that’s doing it more for me but plenty of people will lap up the A-side and anyway, it’s just good to see Jon and Eddie are still going strong!

Out: This week

About: As befits two veteran NYC producers, this comes on veteran NYC label King Street Sounds, who I believe I may have mentioned once or twice before recently…