Marc Cotterell – For Those We Love (Remixes)

June 3, 2015 in Singles

Marc Cotterell For Those We Love Plastik PeopleThe more eagle-eyed/elephant-memory’d among you will remember this from when it first dropped back in December… now here come the remixes.

Chosen to do the honours are Leigh D Oliver, who should need no introduction for TIWWD readers, and Snazzy Trax, who’ve cropped up on this blog just once before with a remix on Gents & Dandy’s. Neither mess too much with the garage-y vibe of the original, but Leigh’s rub puts Tears Of Velva’s Teachers-ish vocal front and centre and rocks a bassline that’s pure vintage Chi-Town, while Snazzy Trax largely dispense with the vox and instead get seriously wigged-out and jazzy on the organ tip.

Proper classy vibes as ever from Plastik People, with Snazzy Trax’s mix just nudging it for me (sorry Leigh!)

Out: This week (on Beatport)

About: Find Plastik People on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.