Makka & Howard Sessions – The Re:Tweak Vinyl EP

July 27, 2015 in Singles

Makka & Howard Sessions The Re:Tweak Vinyl EP 3am RecordingsEven though it’s not out till 3 August, I was meaning to get something up about this last week but time slipped me by. See, this is a bit of an unusual release. For one thing, it marks a return to vinyl for 3am Recordings, who’ve been operating on a digital-only basis for the past half a decade or more. More importantly, it’s being released via Qrates, a kind of crowdfunding service for vinyl.

As I understand it, Qrates lets you create a vinyl release – by specifying play speed, label artwork, vinyl colour, packaging etc, much like ordering something from VistaPrint – which you then ‘pitch’ to the general public as you would a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. Then if – and only if – you meet the requisite 100 orders, they get pressed up and sent out. If this means that more young labels can take the plunge into vinyl, this can only be a good thing!

As for the EP itself… well, 3am has a long pedigree making deep house and this latest offering doesn’t disappoint. The two originals, the garage-leaning A Beautiful Day and jazz-tinged The Mild Cigar, were actually out digitally in 2011, but Nick Devon’s stompier refix of the former and label boss Al Bradley’s 3am Deep Remix of the latter are brand new for this EP, making this ultra-limited 12″ one that no self-respecting 3am fan – or indeed deep house buyer generally – will want to miss.

Out: 3 August (do pay attention) but you’ll want to get your orders in sharpish to make sure it happens!

About: You can find 3am Recordings here, here and here… but the link that really matters tonight is this one so you can buy the damn thing.