Luigi Egitto – Let It Be/Something

January 23, 2016 in Singles

Luigi Egitto Let It Be/Something SP RecordingsA two-tracker here from Italian producer Luigi Egitto, brought to you by Essex label SP Recordings.

On the A, Let It Be is a serviceable lil’ houser that tops contemporary-style shuffling percussion and dark, throbbing bass with a spoken female vocal (“if that must surely come, then let it be”), a woman’s laugh and sung “ooh baby” snips, as well as hand percussion, and synth-work that nods to the classier end of early 90s Italo-house. But while Let It Be is plenty playable, it’s Something that’s floating this reviewer’s boat more, a stripped-back affair with meaty kicks, crisp claps and bass that comes surging out of somewhere just below Hades. Chuck in a nagging two-note keys riff, spangly synth chords and party whoops ’n’ hollers, and you’ve got the perfect eyes-down groover to keep proper house floors moving through the wee small hours.

Out: Yesterday (on general release)

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