K & K – Get Up EP

August 2, 2014 in Singles

K & K Get Up Arch44 MusicNext tonight we move into struttier, techier house pastures with this latest from London’s Arch44 Music.

Get Up will be instantly recognisable by the spoken “How we ever gonna get up, if that’s how we get down?” sample that K & K (Robin K and Danny K) have chopped up and looped extensively throughout. On the original mix, it’s placed atop a lovely throbbing organ b-line and fierce, vintage-sounding percussion, while the Deepmilo Remix takes us into afterhours territory with its tribal-tinged rhythm, dramatic analogue synths and chunky, full-phat bassline. Rounding out the EP is XXL, an energetic stomper with a neat little flute line nagging away at the top end, and a bassline that’s apparently “a nod to told school drum & bass era”, though a nod towards what exactly, I couldn’t tell you. To me, the overall feel of XXL isn’t that different to the glory days of Brummie bassline… just a little less frantic.

All three cuts will make very reliable floor-movers for sure, but if pushed the original of Get Up takes gold for me.

Out: Monday (just realised it’s been in the wrong folder but hey, the review’s written now)

About: Find Arch44 here, here and here.