John Daly – Shine EP

January 30, 2015 in Singles

John Daly Shine Love FeverAn EP here from (relatively) new London label Love Fever Records that should appeal to househeads of ‘a certain age’ for sure.

It’s a three-track affair. Shine is up first, which opens with some gorgeously warm strings redolent of classic early 90s Italian deep/dub house on Irma and its many spin-off labels… and indeed continues in much the same vein, with warm Heard-ish bass, jazzy organ chords and a blissed-out, euphoric feel overall. Desake, up next, follows a similar blueprint but with the addition of cut-up soulful male vox (possibly a Trapped micro-snip put through the FX mangle?), while the epic, prog/Balearic-tinged Journey’s End plays us out.

Given that Love Fever is the offshoot of a London warehouse party, presumably this EP is dead ‘now’ and ‘hip’ and all that. Go figure, cos to these old ears it’s sheer nostalgia (in a good way, I mean), with Shine the standout.

Out: This week

About: This is number 9 from Love Fever, who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.