Jesus Pablo – Dancing Chords

October 28, 2011 in Singles

There’s the proverbial clue in the name here because the Original Mix of Dancing Chords, at least, is all about the pia-pia-pianos…not in a screaming, tinkling Italian rave way, though. Or even in a minor-key, jazzy way. More in a rollicking, almost rock n’ roll (think Great Balls Of Fire) or tango-inspired way.

Hmmm. As you can see I’m kinda struggling to describe this properly, but once you hear its incessant jaunty ivories, topped off with brass stabs and underpinned by simple rolling beats, you’ll know exactly what I’m on about. Definitely one of the month’s quirkier and more interesting house releases, this one, and you can see it appealing to fans of Stimming, Solomun, Ripperton et al.

Remix-wise, we’re back in slightly more familiar dancefloor territory, as Roland Nights goes for an upbeat, vibe on a mix that’s carnival-esque and Ibiza-y in parts and really quite deep in others, while Audiotonic serves up a Phuturebound Dub that has a lot more space in the mix, which only makes those BIG piano chords sound even bigger!

Out: This week

About: Both Jesus Pablo and Roland Nights have made many appearances on Lost My Dog but this one comes courtesy of Al Bradley’s ever-excellent 3am Recordings.