Janet Rushmore – Joy [Sonny Fodera Remixes]

September 30, 2015 in Singles

Janet Rushmore Joy Soul HeavenHere’s one that’ll sort the men from the boys (or the women from the girls), because to younger readers this track might not mean much but for those of us a little more, ahem, ‘time-served’, Joy is a tune that brings back many a happy memory. So much so, that you’d think perhaps getting it remixed wasn’t such a great idea.

Thankfully though, Soul Heaven have called on the very capable Mr Fodera and he proves himself more than up to the job. On the A, his Deep Mix is basically a more polished update of the 1994 original – faithful but with today’s smoother production values, which should make it easier to programme. It’s the Sonny Fodera Beatdown Mix on the B that’s the killer, though. This, too, starts out pretty faithful to the original, albeit with slightly tuffer drums… then at around the 1:40, in from out of nowhere flies a positively RUDE squelch bassline and we’re left in no doubt that, yes, this is definitely 2015 after all.

The word ‘triumph’ might be slight overkill here… then again, it might not! An essential purchase either way.

Out: This week

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