JammHot – See Me Right

July 18, 2015 in Singles

JammHot See Me Right Lost My DogAnother single-track release here, this one coming from the mighty Lost My Dog Records and actually, fact fans, the only one-track release the label’s ever put out.

Topping crisply rolling beats and a muted bassline with old skool-sounding pianos and garage-y “this ain’t no game” vox, See Me Right is a classic-style deep houser that’s perhaps more one for the older heads and house connoisseurs than for the 20yo bearded, v-necked hipsters… but that’s no bad thing round these parts. 🙂

Gonna miss Lost My Dog when they’re gone… in the meantime, every release is to be treasured!

Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog, as always, here, here and here.