James Silk – The Illuminati EP

April 16, 2015 in Singles

James Silk The Illuminati EP HeyoI’ve never met or spoken to James Silk. We’re not Facebook friends, I’ve never even had an email from him. Basically he’s nowt to do with me and I know pretty much sweet FA about the lad.

I mention this because it does seem like every time he puts out a record I rave about it on here, and I just want to be clear that there’s no nepotism involved. It’s got to a point where I wish he’d release a mediocre record that I could ignore. Somewhat annoyingly, though, he insists on coming up with the goods time and time again. In this particular instance, the goods come in the form of a two-track EP for his own brand new label, Heyo. On the A, The Illuminati itself is a squelchy, bassy, pulsating house workout topped with sampled speech (US politico John Kerry, the power of Google has just informed me), treated female vocal snips and layered synths. Over on the B, meanwhile, Escape is similarly bass-y and pace-y, but comes armed with snatches of male falsetto vox and lashings of acid.

So to sum up: predictably top-drawer shiznit from one of the most reliable young producers currently in the game. Damn his black soul!

Out: This week

About: As I said, this is the debut release from Heyo, and as far as I can make out they’re so new they don’t really have an online presence of their own yet. So here’s Mr Silk’s own Soundcloud and Facebook instead.