Jahcoozi – Barefoot Dub [Remixes]

April 24, 2010 in Singles

Having raved about the album in iDJ, thought it kinda behoved to bring the single to your attention on here…

Barefoot Dub was one of my fave tracks from Barefoot Wanderer, being one of the most overtly dubby. Object Object & Raw Milk’s Remix and Instrumental here though are more dancefloor-oriented, slightly tripped out dubstep takes. On the B you get the Milanese Remix of Jahcoozi’s slightly bizarre cover of The Cure’s Close To Me, which comes from the leftfield/cinematic end of dubstep à la Forensics, only with some German rave synths thrown in.

And then as if that wasn’t confusing enough, you then get the Click Box Medley Mix of Barefoot Dub/Close To Me, which doesn’t bear huge amounts of relation to either track TBH (bar a snippet of vocal) but which IS, I’m glad to report, as irresistibly groovy a slab of discofied technoid funk as you’re gonna hear all month, and definitely my pick from this EP.
Out: This week
About: This is (as I think I’ve made clear already) the single from Jahcoozi’s album Barefoot Wanderer, which is well worth investigating. It’s on Bpitch Control, most of whose output is too glitchy and techno-y for me, which just goes to show, er, something; anyway here’s the Bpitch Control website.