H-Foundation – Passage [1999-2004]

June 23, 2014 in Albums

H-foundation Passage Magnetic RecordingsFor the past few years, Eric Galaviz and Brian Varga, better known as Hipp-E and Halo, have largely been pursuing their solo interests. More recently, though, they’ve reunited under the H-Foundation banner, with new material on Halo’s own Surface Recordings as well as Magnetic, Tsuba, Leftroom, Supplement Facts and others. And to mark this reunion, they’ve now gathered together some of the best of their early H-Foundation work into this 13-track, download-only long-player.

Featuring four H-Foundation originals, three of their solo works and six of their remixes for other people (including Silicone Soul, Plastic Avengers and the Chemical Brothers), what’s most surprising about the album is just how fresh it all sounds. Then again, perhaps it’s not as surprising as all that. Despite the hype sheet’s touting H&H as ‘pioneers of the west coast sound’ that dominated the early 00s – and without detracting one iota from the acclaim in which they were indeed held within that scene – in truth theirs was always a darker, techier strand of house music than the more soulful vibes peddled by the likes of Naked and Om. As such, it’s a sound that, in the current house climate, seems right up-to-date.

The perfect introduction to the H-Foundation oeuvre for newcomers, the compilation’s broad scope means it’ll be just as essential purchase for existing fans – only the most obsessive of whom are likely to have all these tracks already.

Out: Last week, but hey…

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