Groove Syndicate – Keep Going/Get Down

August 17, 2013 in Singles

Groove Syndicate Keep Going Get DownThe names Lee Walker and Lee Pennington should be familiar to TIWWD readers; what you may not know is that for a year or so now they’ve been performing live shows together under the name Groove Syndicate. But they have… and now the deadly duo step out with the first-ever release from their self-titled label.

And what a debut it is! Keep Going is a deep house cut that’ll help flagging dancefloors do just that with its rolling beats and surging, euphoric synths, topped with spoken vocals about what makes us human… but the killer here is the flipside, Get Down. “If you wanna get down just tell me” says the vocal sample, while an acid-y, dare I even say rave-y bassline jousts with some gorgeously warm organ stabs underneath.

Ain’t nuthin’ but a groove, but it’s a groove you could ride all the way through till dawn. Veterans of DiY/Smokescreen/Robodisco/Space/Fruity Antics etc will lap this one up!

Out: This week

About: You can find Groove Syndicate Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.