Greenfish – Early Birds

November 1, 2014 in Singles

Greenfish Early Birds UM RecordsSome typically classy deep house grooves from UM Records to kick us off tonight.

In its original form, Early Birds is a laidback, dubby groover with a sub-aquatic, opium den kinda feel. The Phasen Remix beefs up the drums for the dancefloor somewhat and brings the funky guitar licks a little more the fore, while Yigit Atilla strips out the atmospherics and leaves us with a very late night, headnoddin’ pass centred on the lazily rolling beats and barely-there vocal fragments. Rounding out the EP is Late Night Caffee [sic], which is just a BPM or two pacier than the title cut but has a similarly languid, drifty feel overall, and some killer sci-fi/space disco stabs to boot.

Top quality stuff, but then we expect no less from UM!

Out: This week

About: You can find UM Records here, here and here.