Floorplan – Music/Tell You No Lie

April 30, 2016 in Singles

Floorplan Music M-PlantWell, this took me by surprise! See, we all know Robert Hood makes quite hard, driving techno, and we all know that Floorplan is his ‘house’ alias. But if I’m honest, some of the Floorplan stuff hasn’t sounded that different from his work under his own name to my disco-dolly ears.

There’s no such confusion here, though, as the Underground Resistance veteran heartily embraces his OWN inner disco dolly on these two tracks. Music is quite driving by disco-house standards, with a throbbing, almost French Kiss-like bassline and two contrasting vocals: a male, sung “music!” one and a spoken female one that I suspect is either Loleatta or Millie Jackson, though I could be wrong. Over on the B, meanwhile, Tell You No Lie is equally uptempo but lighter in tone, with a “disco guy, you’ll be sorry if you pass me by” vocal [sampled from Brainstorm’s 1977 hit Lovin’ Is Really My Game] and strings to die for.

A wicked EP which shows that, when it’s done well, there’s still plenty of life in the disco-house dog yet!

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Mr Hood’s M-Plant label, who you can find at their own website or on his Facebook page.