Faze Action – Tattoo Man

April 28, 2010 in Singles

For about 15 years now, a new Faze Action record has always been a reason to get excited in my books. Last year they gave us the simply brilliant Stratus Energy long-player, their most overtly, unashamedly disco outing to date… so can they maintain?

Course they can. Tattoo Man is, if anything, even more out-and-out disco than the Stratus Energy album, with a vocal that makes me think of first-gen French disco, for some reason, in particular. It comes in four mixes: the full-vocal Live Extended Mix, the cowbell and squelch- bass-tastic Agogo Dub, the instrumental Special Disco Mix (all rumbling low-end and six-string histrionics) and the more Italo-inspired Rudy’s Midnight Machine Mix, which is the rub most likely to appeal to the nu-disco beards… but I’d happily drop any/all of ’em.
It’s proof that Simon & Robin remain the kings of the glitterball swing. More soon lads, please!
Out: This week
About: This is on the boys’ own Faze Action Records or FAR for short… and it was apparently recorded pretty much live in the studio, which might explain why it sounds like the best out-take live performance from Thank God It’s Friday that never was!
Here’s the Faze Action website [though I would point out that the “iDJ review” of Stratus Energy on the front page isn’t actually FROM iDJ – trust me, I wrote the iDJ review, and it wasn’t that one!] and here’s their MySpace as well.
PS The cover also appears to be some sort of homage to the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You as well, I can’t help noticing… look!