ECLM – The Scene EP

April 20, 2014 in Singles

ECLM The Scene Arch44 MusicSome fine stuff coming from London’s Arch44 Music lately and this latest is no exception.

The Scene itself is a chuggy, bassy, contemporary-sounding deep houser with some nice garage-y organ stabs and a certain oft-sampled Cevin Fisher vocal. It’s Too Late is a proper late-night deep garage beauty which rocks a female “try to love me more each day” vocal that’s familiar to these ears from an old hardcore record* but obviously must’ve come from somewhere else before that, while the Lo Tek Remix of the latter beefs up the beats and ups the tempo for a more floor-friendly pass.

Good stuff all round, but it’s the original of It’s Too Late that’s the killer.

Out: This week

About: ECLM are known to their mums as Edward Castillon and Laur0 Martins (see what they did there?) while you can find Arch44 Music here, here and here.

Try To Love Me by Manix, from the Rainbow People EP, if anyone’s interested