Dual T – Night Feels EP

October 28, 2011 in Singles

The second release from new UK label Savoir Faire Musique, and a little cracker it is too, with three standalone tracks from Argentinian producer Dual T to choose from.

Where Did The Love Go is a big, driving house cut with a an insistent two-note synth/organ hook and snippets of cut-up female vocal, and kinda reminds me of early Angel Moraes material. Kirsty is a more party-hearty affair with brass stabs and a feel that’s very reminiscent of the jazzier end of early (we’re talking strictly 95-98) UK garage… and then finally Night Feels itself loops a snippet of Tweet’s Boogie 2 Nite (or possibly a resung version thereof) over some lush-with-a-capital-L pads to produce a proper late night driftaway number, with some Theremin (?) wibbles thrown in for added spacey effect.

Top quality stuff all round, then. Nothing else to say really, except that this one will delight the older heads for sure!

Out: This week

About: Savoir Faire Musique is a new project from City Soul Project’s Scott Harrington and can be found online here. Both SFM releases to date have been stormers so they’re definitely a label to keep an eye on!