DJ Hal – Out Of The Fire EP

July 17, 2014 in Singles

DJ Hal Out Of The Fire EP Advanced RecordsNext up we have this four-track EP from UK producer DJ Hal, coming on recently revitalised Dutch label Advanced Records.

Home Town Hero is an uptempo tech-houser with the emphasis firmly on the ‘tech’ side the equation, all wobbly bass, frantic percussion and metallic synth sounds. Mork Calling Orsen is an unashamed deep, bubblin’ acid excursion, while Phoenix, with its huge slo-mo bass drops and kicks that could’ve come straight off DJ Rush’s drum machine married to sci-fi atmospherics, is a more experimental, cinematic kinda track. The standout for yours truly though is De Bellota, an energetic deep house jam with a full-phat, almost Murk-y bassline and muted tribal percussion topped with Carpenter-esque analogue synth sweeps and a voice saying “house music!” every now and then, just in case you forgot what you were listening to.

Out: This week

About: Advanced Records don’t seem to have much of a web presence of their own – instead you can find ’em sharing space with parent label Hi-Phi Music on Soundcloud and Facebook.