Dilby – Taking Flight

March 7, 2013 in Singles

Dilby Taking Flight Form-and FunctionI was just gonna do two reviews tonight but go on, let’s make it three. Cos sadly not everyone’s as broadminded as they might be, so if I can’t tempt you with scary dark techno or fromage-tastic frivolities (see below), then here’s tonight’s dose of deep house (bordering on slo-mo) action courtesy of currently v.hot Berlin boy Dilby.

And a very fine dose it is too, coming in two mixes. The In The Club Vocal Mix is a languid, throbby affair, propelled by solid but understated kicks and with “fly in the sky” vocal snips buried quite deep in the mix, while the In The Disco Mix drops the pace even lower (from 118 to 105 bpm, by my reckoning), being disco in the cosmic rather than the glitterball sense.

Both are really rather excellent, so if I were you I’d check this out immediately. Oh, and I’ve just noticed there’s supposed to be an In The Club Dub as well – not sure what happened to that one but hey.

Out: This week

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