Di Chiara Brothers – Our Mind EP

December 29, 2014 in Singles

Di Chiara Brothers Our Mind EP Red Lunar RecordsThe very first release from another brand new UK label here… say hello, everyone, to Red Lunar Records!

Italian duo Di Chiara Brothers are at the controls for RLR001. Our Mind itself marries fierce, pounding Chi-town kicks to synths and sampled diva vox that are highly reminiscent of old skool Italo house, and tops the lot with a disembodied male voice asking if you remember house music and how it made you feel (and no, it’s not the Blaze vocal you’re thinking of). Groove Syndicate supply a remix that smoothes off some of the rough edges, while rounding out the EP is Crazy Moment, a strutty, percussive cut topped with hip-house vox and filter disco-style stabs.

A fine way to start a label… more, please!

Out: Last week

About: You can find Red Lunar Records on Soundcloud and Facebook. Show some love people!