Danny O – Bella EP

March 30, 2013 in Singles

Danny O Bella EP Hype MuzikAfter lots of tech-house tonight (below), let’s move into deeper pastures. This five-track EP from Hype Muzik actually sits right on the deep house/tech-house divide (if there is such a thing) but leans a little more towards the former.

Bella itself is a midtempo chugger with a nagging, lolloping synth riff and a long chunk of quite unusual (you’ll see what I mean when you hear it) sampled female speech. Miles Davis is a more housified ride with frantic hand percussion, warbling (but not annoying!) flutes and a vocal that’s clearly been sampled from a live album by Davis himself, Sermon (Can I Go Deeper) is another housey, chuggy affair with a black consciousness vocal, Spirits invokes the spirit of very early progressive house while finally the oddly-titled You Know What They Say Flute is a 4am deep house groover with the eponymous wind instrument used to invoke a dreamway, eyes-wide-shut, blissed-out kinda vibe.

Quite a stylistically varied EP overall then, but all five tracks work well so hats off!

Out: This week

About: Hype Muzik is of course part of Norman H’s Stripped empire.