Corduroy Mavericks – Guilty Please EP

November 28, 2011 in Singles

I’m not sure if the “woo-ooh, any time that you want me, any time that you want me” vocal here is sampled from something famous, but it’s a bit too poppy for my liking. But it’s okay, cos we can skip the Original and jump straight to the Flapjackers Wicked Old School Remix, which is indeed, er, wicked and old school!

Like the original, this mix works hefty chunks of Jomanda’s original rave classic Make My Body Rock, but it all-but-ditches the cheesy main vocal sample (except for some disembodied ‘woo-oohs’) in favour of funny little speech snippets à la S-Express/Coldcut/etc (“let’s play this backwards and see if it sounds better”) and, most importantly, some Jersey-style organs to die for. Underpinned by a full-phat deep house b-line, it’s like a little trip down Fuzzy Memory Lane…
Outa My Head rounds out the package, which is kind of deep house gone mellow Balearic pop… and which then totally sucker-punches you by going into a re-working of a certain similarly-titled Kylie number. Sounds awful on paper I know, but it works surprisingly well.
Predictable, this EP is not. One for the earnest chin-stroking types it possibly is not, either. But highly checkable, it most certainly is. Respect to all involved for their flagrant disregard for rulebooks.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Lepento Records, the housier sister to dubstep labels LU10 and Four40. The link will take you to their Soundcloud page so you can find out more…