City Soul Project – The Music, The Feeling

October 21, 2013 in Singles

City Soul Project The Music, The Feeling Deep8 RecordingsJust occasionally, I get sent a record that’s so up my street I almost suspect them of cheating. In this case it’s City Soul Project who are arousing my suspicions, because not only have they come up with a deep house jam that’s essentially an M1 organ plus a looped Kicking In The Beat sample, they’ve also got Harold Heath to supply a slightly deeper remix. How was TIWWD ever not gonna be digging that?

Just to throw me off the scent they’ve included some other mixes too: Patrick Podage ditches the organ in favour of a druggy, almost slo-mo vibe, Smak AKA Steve McCready opts for some old skool pianos (borderline cheating in itself) while Teenage Mutants serve up a bassy, throbby rub that’s perhaps the most in-tune with current broader trends. But I know what they’re up to.

Out: Today (though I think it might’ve been on Beatport last week)

About: This comes on Deep8 Recordings, who are based in that London. Find ’em here, here and here (FB, Soundcloud, web)