Chaser – Bite The Bullet

April 20, 2010 in Singles

Chaser may seem like a new name but this is actually from Funk D’Void, AKA Francois Dubois, along with partner-in-crime Nigel Hayes.

Funk D’Void is another artist who for me makes techno that appeals just as much to househeads, and so it is with Bite The Bullet, a heads-down workout that would work equally well on house, techno or prog floors, especially these days. It’s accompanied by a remix under the Dubois banner, which is a more sedate, late-night kinda proposition altogether, but still very pleasing.
To round out the EP, Messrs Hayes and D’Void (ha ha) then team up with Scottish house/techno stalwart Aqua Bassino on Odyssey. This features insistent, uptempo tribal/Afro drums which aren’t my thang, really, and it takes a while to get going, but once the subtle b-line and the looped “bring it all back to blues” vocal get going, it does grow into something that’s really rather likeable.
Out: This week
About: This is the latest from Urbantorque, and would appear to be their 115th release. Which makes me feel very old, cos I remember when they were a new label just starting out, and when we licensed URTR006, Beautiful You by Dealer’s Choice, for an iDJ cover CD (the Boxfresh House one) back in 2002… still, good to see ’em still going strong! Here’s their site of web