Charles Ramirez & J Nandez – So Far

June 17, 2013 in Singles

Charles Ramirez & J Nandez So Far HOFA neat little three-tracker from HOF to get the ball rolling tonight.

Of the three tracks, bronze goes to Get Back, a tech-house chugger with busy percussion, half-sung/half-whispered “get tough, get back” vocals and a bassline that aims towards vintage Chi-town, even if it doesn’t quite get there. Fuck You is also in the ‘basic chugger’ bracker but takes the silver by cheekily stealing the lyric from Sagat’s 1993 classic Fuk Dat and updating it for the 21st century:  “Why is it… that everybody in the club is playing with their goddamn smartphones?”. And then finally, the gold has to go to the title track… just cos it’s a got a big throbbing mid-90s organ line. And you know what a sucker I am for those.

Out: This week

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