Chaim – Love Rehab

April 28, 2010 in Singles

Remember that Ashley Beedle remix of Bent (I think it was Everlasting Love) that used a sampled Captain & Tenille vocal to such devastating effect? Well, imagine that vocal over a backing that’s part nu-disco, part deep house – but with the dynamics of one of those ‘prog with vox’ tracks that were so popular in Ibiza circa 2001-2002 – and you’d end up with something like Love Rehab. Which, by the way, I like a lot.

New Year’s Eve is up next, which comes on like a 60s spy movie theme reworked for the deeper dancefloors. Finally on the vinyl there’s Locations, a sparse, breathy, percussion-led workout for the very late hours (but the late hours when the floor’s still got bags of energy), while digital buyers also get a dub of Love Rehab for their disco dollar.
Excellent stuff all round.
Out: This week
About: See, this is quite interesting, cos Chaim hails from Israel – previously better known for its prog/tribal and dodgy psy-trance than for its quality deep house – and this is on Bpitch Control, a label which used to always be FAR too techy and glitchy for me, but which lately has put out some proper quality house music and no mistake guv’nor. Which goes to show: you can’t take your eye off the ball for a minute in this game! Anyway, here’s the Bpitch Control website and here’s Chaim’s MySpace.