Carlo Gambino – LS12 EP

December 19, 2014 in Singles

Carlo Gambino LS12 EP Midnight Social RecordingsAnother ‘best of’ selection here, as Leeds producer Carlo Gambino gathers together a selection of his finest work to date. Even if you’re a devoted fan who sleeps on Carlo Gambino pillowcases, it’s a set that’s well worth checking as, with the tracks involved having appeared on (deep breath) 3am Recordings, Soleil De Nuit, Heartbeat Revolutionaries, Bullet:Dodge and Area38, as well as Carlo’s own Midnight Social Recordings, even YOU are likely to already own every cut here!

Musically, well, the MSR boss is no newcomer so you should have a rough idea of what this sounds like already, but for anyone who’s just wandered in expect chunky, chuggy deep and tech-house vibes aimed fair and square at those twisted hours between roughly 2 and 7am. So there’s not much in the way of hi-octane, peaktime screamalong action, and LOTS in the way of heads-down grooves with bags of space in the production for frazzled minds to wander about in. The drug-mangled slo-mo G-house (G-mo?) of Down Low is one highlight, the more bumpin’ Save All The Drama another, but top honours probably have to go to Say What?, just cos the downpitched Donell Jones sample gives it a little more obvious/immediate floor appeal.

Out: This week

About: This comes on the aforesaid Midnight Social Recordings, who live here and here.