Bruno Browning – Red Light

June 5, 2014 in Singles

Bruno Browning Red Light Soulsupplement RecordsTwo fine underground deep house cuts from Mr Browning here, coming on his own Las Vegas-based Soulsupplement Records.

On the A, Red Light has the kind of fat-bottomed struttin’ funk with which the likes of Salted and Transport made their name in spades – albeit at a lower, more 2014 tempo – topping it off with luxuriant synth washes, a hint of sax and a cheeky vocal bite from Roxanne. Over on the B, meanwhile, Gracie’s Groove is a slow-building jam wherein the aforesaid saxophonist (or possibly clarinettist, in this instance?) gets to really show what he can do against a backdrop of tuff beats and a looping beast of a bassline, complimented by some tinkly Farfisa organ work as various vocal snips n’ shouts play out over the top.

“Truly for the deepest of cats” is how the hype sheet trumpets this one, and they’re not wrong.

Out: This week

About: You can find Soulsupplement Records here, here and here.