Borrowed Identity – Bang Bang Boogie EP

April 21, 2014 in Singles

Borrowed Identity Bang Bang Boogie EP FINA RecordsA surprising lack of Sugarhill references on this fine four-track EP from Romanian producer Borrowed Identity.

Bang Bang Boogie itself is up first, which as I say DOESN’T sample Rapper’s Delight but does use the vocal from Class Action’s Weekend and throw in a tiny ‘beep beep!’ snip from Donna Summer’s Bad Girls for good measure! Said disco-sample melange is underpinned by a throbbing, acid-y bassline and classic house pianos and the whole thing is really rather splendid, albeit to these ears the vocal sits a little oddly against the beat in places.

Elsewhere on the EP, Mental State is a deep, instrumental acid jam topped with some AWB-ish brass, the vocoder-tastic Roboto Moves sits somewhere between acid and cosmic disco, and finally You’re Mine is classic-style funk/disco-fuelled dancefloor deep house, flecked with wukka-wukking guitars and topped with sweet female vocal snips that I’m sure I recognise but can’t quite put my finger on right now…

Strong stuff all round so not gonna pick a fave for this one.

Out: This week (digitally, though vinyl’s been knocking about for a couple of weeks, I’m told)

About: This comes on Fina Records, who you can mostly find on Soundcloud. They’re based in London and this is number 15 from them.