Block & Crown – Disco Ivory

May 3, 2010 in Singles

Blimey, lots of new people signed up to the blog, so thought I’d better do the decent thing and write on it… hello, everyone.

This, then, is a two-tracker of the kind of sampled, filtered disco house that we all got a bit sick of back in the late 90s/early 00s, but which sounds quite good again and is definitely having something of a revival at the mo’. Disco Ivory itself, unsurprisingly, samples Black Ivory’s Mainline and is the more commercial of the two; Tribute To The Paradise Garage on the flip is a longer, more sumptuous affair that will appeal to lovers of real disco as well as all that filtered house shiznit, laden with samples that this spotter will confess to recognising but not being able to place (one of which is driving me mad… it sounds like Linda Clifford but I could very well be wrong).
On the whole this isn’t the coolest or most credible release but it’s worth checking all the same… if only for how it manages to be very retro and yet curiously very ‘now’ at the same time. Funny thing that fashion, innit?
Out: This week (about three days ago to be precise)
About:This is on a new (I think) label by the rather jolly name of Just For Fun. Can’t seem to find ’em online – there are a Swedish hardcore punk label and a French rock label of the same name but I don’t think this comes from them – but I can tell you Block & Crown are Dutch, if that helps (well, it says there are on the hype sheet, anyway, and I can’t see you’d go around saying you were Dutch if you weren’t)