BCee, Saxxon & Surplus – STR008

January 16, 2016 in Singles

BCee, Saxxon & Surplus STR008 Soul TraderAnother abrupt switch in style and tempo now with this excellent liquid D&B V/A four-tracker from Soul Trader.

Spearhead boss BCee gets the ball rolling – pun fully intended! – with Understanding, a hi-octane liquid dancefloor slammer that makes great use of a pitched-down vocal lift from Loleatta Holloway’s classic Dreaming. Saxxon keeps things pretty firing with Blue Harbour, which tops steppy beats and LARGE, subby bass with jungle noises, house-y pianos and snatches of reggae vox. BCee, Saxxon and Surplus then team up for Tripped Up, a just-slightly mellower affair with dreamy fem vox and a Korg M1 line that seems to have wandered in from the house room circa 1995 and decided to stay, while BCee plays us out with Only You, a riot of house-y female vocal snips, tinkling ivories, subtle nods to ’91-vintage rave/hardcore and an absolute MONSTER of a bassline.

There’s a lot of insipid ear-candy peddled in the name of liquid; the best stuff, though, will unite the scowling junglist man-dem and the happy-clappy househeads in one great surge of dancefloor euphoria. This superb EP sits firmly in the latter camp, so check it!

Out: This week

About: Find DJ Surplus’s London-based Soul Trader on Soundcloud and Facebook. As the more perceptive among you may have realised, this is the label’s eighth release.