Andre Detoxx – She Believed In Me

November 28, 2011 in Singles

On to the first of this week’s releases then… a cracking EP from a Polish producer who lives in London, via a label based in New Zealand. What a truly international deep house community we are, eh?

Not sure why the EP’s called what it is, cos what you actually get are three mixes of a track called Redeem, plus two of another called Nightchords. The latter comes will satisfy your craving for soothing uber-deepness whether you plump for the Original or the HouseRiders Late Night Remix, while the former is more post-club driftaway bizniss in its Original form, but gets taken to the dancefloor by Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle, with a stripped, dubby workout that reminds me a little bit of early Angel Moraes, and by YokoO, who injects some dark, synthy, almost proggy drama.

I think it’s the more horizontally-inclined rubs over the dancefloor mixes for me this time out, but a strong package all round.
Out: This week
About: This come’s on New Zealand’s UM Records, which is run by the same peeps behind the excellent Deep House page on Facebook so they really should know what they’re doing!