Alexander Vogt – Painted Spirit

July 25, 2015 in Singles

Alexander Vogt Painted Spirit Cat For LunchMoving into somewhat more floor-friendly deep house pastures now with this offering from Italy’s Cat For Lunch.

In its Original form, Painted Spirit is a chunky, chuggy deep house groover with dubby overtones and a man’s voice talking about the manufacture of LSD, as well as what appears to be a young woman experiencing its effects. The Luc Syk Remix is a lolloping pass with garage-y tinges that adds a male “your love” vocal sample, while finally the Pat Kp Remix tuffens up the drums just a little and adds some operatic/torch-y female vocal snips.

All good, but Luc Syk just nudges it.

Out: This week

About: You can find Cat For Lunch herehere and here.