Soul Academy – Give It

May 31, 2015 in Singles

Soul Academy Give It Haute MusiqueLast one for tonight, and we end with some very smooth deep grooves courtesy of BiG AL’s Haute Musique imprint.

In its Original form, Give It can safely be filed under “deep and soulful” with its crisp beats, wukka-wukking funk geetar, parping sax and soulful, echoing “give it” male vocal that does battle with a second, spoken vocal (“making a record’s kinda like building a house… what it needs is a solid base… and if it’s gonna stand the test of time, you gotta dig real deep”). The ‘bass’ pun doesn’t really work written down but you can see what they did there I’m sure!

Remix-wise, Jero Nougues takes us into blissed-out, ‘Ibiza sundown/sun-up’ kinda territory, while Deephope get down n’ funky, but the cream of a fine crop to these ears is BiG AL’s own Rub-A-Dub mix, a deep-as-you-like gem that, funnily enough, has an almost UKG-ish feel in the beats department.

Out: This week

About: Find Haute Musique here, here and here.

Yvvan Black – Deep On Deep

May 31, 2015 in Singles

Yvvan Black Deep On Deep EP Deep ClicksA tidy lil’ two-tracker here from Spanish label Deep Clicks.

Deep On Deep itself is quite a lively affair (in deep house terms, anyway), and features a slightly downpitched, chopped-up soulful male vocal alongside piercing synths, all sitting atop twitchy beats and fat, rumbling bass. On the flip, meanwhile, Emotion is a slower-moving, more contemplative instrumental with a sparse, dubby feel.

It’s the latter that’s floating my boat more.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Clicks here, here and here. I’d strongly recommend clicking on the first link in particular, cos it’ll take you to their Soundcloud page where you’ll find downloadable, hour-long mixes from the likes of Tony S, Anthony Mea, Greenfish and Yigit Atilla. Nice!

Nitin – Dubbed Out

May 31, 2015 in Singles

Nitin Dubbed Out No 19 MusicThe clue’s in the title with this latest from Canada’s No 19 Music…

In its Original form, Dubbed Out is indeed a fine slice of deep n’ dubby house music, underpinned by nice crunchy beats and topped with droning, analogue-sounding synths. Deadbeat supplies a darker tech-house refix, while you also get no fewer than FOUR remixes from Steve Rachmad. His Parallel 9 Version takes us into even dubbier pastures than the original, while his Bonus Mix 1 and Bonus Mix 2 are aimed more at tech-house floors and finally the simply titled Steve Rachmad Remix sees rumbling bass and shape-throwing synths collide on an energetic, euphoric and lightly prog-tinged rub that makes me want to buy a big fuck-off soundsystem and put on a free party in a woods somewhere, just for the sake of playing this as the sun comes up.

As you might’ve guessed, the latter’s something of a standout to these ears but liking the Original and Parallel 9 mixes too (and to be fair the rest are also pretty cool).

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find No 19 Music on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tempo Elektrik – Looking

May 30, 2015 in Singles

Tempo Elektrik Looking Simma Red We end tonight with some more bass-heavy, garage-y bizniss courtesy of Low Steppa’s Simma Red label.

In its Original form, Looking features a chopped, looped and ever-so-slightly chipmunk’y “Then I see you looking” vocal (possibly a Janet or Whitney sample?) that sits atop fat, squelchy bass, insistent toppy beats and, every now and then, some gloriously old-skool pianos. It’s accompanied by a simple Radio Edit plus a housier Tempo Elektrik Remix that opts for more driving kicks, tones down the bassline a little and brings the pianos further to the front.

Let’s see those arms in the air now…

Out: This week

About: Simma Red shares Soundcloud and Facebook space with parent label Simma Black. Lots more to come from the Birmingham/London stable soon BTW, with the HUGE Simma Black Vol 4 comp plus Low Steppa’s own Troubles long-player both dropping in June, so keep it locked.

Corbeau – Need Your Girl EP

May 30, 2015 in Singles

Corbeau Need Your Girl EP Form-and FunctionAnother trip down Memory Lane here… whether it’s the mid-90s handbag days you remember fondly, the mid-00s bassline house era, or (like me) both, you’ll find your mid-10s nostalgia fix right here.

Two tracks to choose from. Your Girl rocks warm, driving kicks, a MONSTER of an M1 organ bassline and a cheeky bite from Aaliyah’s If Your Girl Only Knew by way of a vocal. Over on the B, meanwhile, Need You is a slightly deeper variation on a similar theme, with a skippier riddim, a more understated b-line and another sampled R&B vocal, this one coming from Keyshia Cole’s (Just Want It) To Be Over. My money’s on Your Girl for Insta-Thrills and Need You for longevity.

Bought a pair of pristeen vintage Wannabes in a charity shop recently; at this rate they’ll be back in fashion soon! 🙂

Out: This week

About: This comes from those masters of retrofied garage fun Form & Function, who as ever can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.

S-Man & Tom Flynn feat Cevin Fisher – New Evolution

May 30, 2015 in Singles

S-Man & Tom Flynn New Evolution Undr The RadrIn which the man like Sanchez forgets all that Dutch-inspired EDM/electrohouse nonsense and gets back to doing what he does best…

In its Original form, New Evolution is a dark, chugging and (very lightly) tribal-tinged houser topped with a sing-song spoken vocal from Mr Fisher – “Minimalistic shapes and sounds/abstract, flowing in the underground/pushing the boundaries of your mind/it’s a new revolution, it’s a new evolution”. Remix-wise, things are kept simple with just an instrumental and a full-length acapella.

Big room house done as only Rog can!

Out: This week

About: This is the fifth release from Roger’s own NYC-based Undr The Radr, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Havisi – Playing With This Feeling

May 30, 2015 in Singles

Havisi Playing With This Feeling Arch44 MusicA two-track, four-mix EP here from Arch44 Music.

In its Original form, Playing With This Feeling itself is quite a driving, energetic tech-houser, but comes topped with garage-y organ chords and soulful vocal snippets. Feft’s Remix and Vox Dub both come from that place where deep, tech and progressive house collide, and as such should work on a range of floors. However, the standout for yours truly is actually bonus cut Feel Fine – a lolloping, gorgeously dubby deep houser that’s purpose-built for 4am floors.

Out: This week, on Traxsource; everywhere else from 8 June

About: Find Arch44 Music here, here and here.

Juliet Sikora – Larrys Garage EP

May 30, 2015 in Singles

Juliet Sikora Larry's Garage EP Kittball RecordsTwo quite different tracks make up this EP from Germany’s Kittball Records, albeit both have a decidedly old skool flavour.

The title track – as the name kind of suggests! – is a slice of tuff, raw Jersey-style garage, sporting a raucous, strident female vocal (part preacherwoman, part Millie Jackson) saying, among other things, “this is a tribute to my boy Larry… it’s a tribute to the Garage… and it’s a tribute to us, who still here!”. There’s a cheeky lil’ bite from Groove Is In The Heart in there, too. Flip it over for Tender Trip, a classy slice of understated acid with a spoken male “the new sound of disco” vocal.

The latter’s cool but the title track steals the show to these ears.

Out: This week

About: Find Kittball Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Lex Loofah – It Is What It Is EP

May 28, 2015 in Singles

Lex Loofah It Is What It Is EP Marba RecordsMore tech-house vibes to end on tonight, but now it’s time to get funky…

Opener Ain’t It Funky, y’see, is an energetic cut based around what sounds suspiciously like a James Brown drum break, topped with equally JB-ish “1-2-3-4” shouts, some other chipmunk’d vocal snips and, as the track progresses, some some crazy-ass piano and flute action. Suvereno (UK)’s remix takes us back into more straight-up tech-house territory, but True Skool Kat sees the funk breaks getting another run-out, alongside some dark electro bass and angry rap vox.

Be warned: play this and breakdancing may ensue!

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Marba Records, who you can find here and here.

Various – Groovers Vol 4

May 28, 2015 in Singles

Groovers Vol 4 Family GroovesWe stay in tech-house territory but up the dancefloor ante considerably with this four-track V/A offering from Croatia’s Family Grooves.

Blume is up first with Resplandor, quite a deep affair that’s got something of a Balearic vibe about it, and that comes complete with rumbling bassline, cascading pianos and a breathy female “that’s how I like it… say you like it too” vocal. Wyrus & Ivica Petak’s Innervisions, which follows, is a much more big n’ strutty number with slightly proggy overtones, while Edy C & Scheva’s Deep On Your Mind calls to mind the dark, tribal-tinged house peddled by Sondos and Fluential back in the early 00s. Finally, Plastik Perversion’s I Don’t Know Why is another moody cut with prog-ish fem vox, a very mid-90s bassline and shuffling, almost Afro-y percussion.

The first two stand out for me.

Out: This week

About: Find Family Grooves on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.