Jero Nougues – Blacklight

January 31, 2015 in Singles

Jero Nougues Blacklight Haute MusiqueFour mixes to choose from of this latest offering from Argentinian wunderkind Jero Nougues.

In its original form, Blacklight tops lively, rolling drums with barely-there female vocal snips, insistent shakers, trumpet and sax parps, a spoken/whispered male lead vocal (“I here the rhythm/I feel the bass/I touch the blacklight/I see your face”) and what sounds like some kind of woodblock percussion instrument (xylophone? marimba?). The overall effect is one-part lounge, one-part Latin, one-part tribal… and 100% “5am at Shelter”. Deephope’s remix is essentially very similar but eschews the tribal percussion in favour of simple warm 4/4s, the Phasen Remix has a lil’ more disco swing in its veins, while Yigit Atilla heads seriously deep on his stripped-back, late-night refix.

Just that remix line-up should have the deep heads salivating already anyway, so suffice to say this won’t disappoint, with Deephope and Yigit sharing top honours for me.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of the ever-checkable Haute Musique, who you can find here and here.

Craig Hamilton – Broken Promises EP

January 31, 2015 in Singles

Craig Hamilton Broken Promises EP Flatpack TraxxAn excellent four-track EP here from Glasgow’s Flatpack Traxx.

Transponder is up first, a nice chunky, funk-fuelled house groove sporting female vocal wails and lush piano chords. Phonology is a slamming, techified affair with a stuttery, frantic feel and cut-up male disco/soul vox, while Lloyd Kenny collab Rogue State is a more trad-style houser with a funk bassline, old skool piano stabs and a male “well, well” vocal. Bringing the EP to a close is The Vow, which to these ears is the best of the lot: a big struttin’ warehouse cut that recalls early Angel Moraes with its sample diva vox and hyowge 303 bassline that gets squelchier and squelchier as the track progresses.

The other three are all fine Saturday night dancefloor cuts anyway, but The Vow is an absolute beast!

Out: This week

About: You can find Flatpack Traxx, which is Hamilton’s own label, on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Ben Anderson – San Tropez EP

January 31, 2015 in Singles

Ben Anderson San Tropez EP Waldliebe FamilienSome very fine garage-tinged deep house grooves on this three-tracker from Romania’s Waldliebe Familien.

These Days is up first, a midpaced affair that nods to both vintage Chi-town deep house and classic deep Jersey garage in the Strobe/Eight Ball vein with its shufflin’ beats, resonant b-line and cut-up male vox. San Tropez itself is up next, which as well as sharing a title with one of my favourite Pink Floyd tracks is a lovely lil’ 4am chugger with reversed synth sounds, crisp beats and gentle female “Heys” by way of a vocal. Completing the set is All Right, a variation on the same theme but this time with a quirky cut-up vocal that reminds me of an old 2-step tune called For All My Friends.

Definitely ‘connoisseurs-only’ tackle, this EP… but then that’s you, innit?

Out: This week

About: You can find Waldliebe Familien on Soundcloud and Facebook.

MockBeat – Should’ve Known

January 30, 2015 in Singles

MockBeat Should've Known Submarine VibesSarajevo’s Submarine Vibes made their first appearance on this blog with their From The Bottom Of The Ocean… compilation only last month. That album impressed, as did a single from Jelly For The Babies a few weeks back. But this latest offering is frankly just STUPIDLY good.

Three mixes of Should’ve Known to choose from. The original starts out with simple, warm kicks, wobbly organs and birdsong. A looping female “should’ve known from the start” vocal and a phat, hip-swaying bassline then join the party, followed by raw piano chords and then, at around the two-minute mark, some cheeky/jaunty synth bleeps. If you’re a lover of more traditional deep house/garage sounds, you’re gonna love this!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Tommy Mc Remix strips out some of the atmospherics, ditches the birdsong and bleeps, brings the piano to the fore and, most importantly, adds a ton of ruff, 2015-style bass, while the Night Creatures Remix, by way of complete contrast, drops the tempo by a few BPM and transforms the track into a thing of late-night, zoned-out beauty.

Not picking a fave here, I’m loving all three, not least because that sultry vocal is sheer class, even if it is only one line. MORE PLEASE!

Out: This week

About: Find Submarine Vibe on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

John Daly – Shine EP

January 30, 2015 in Singles

John Daly Shine Love FeverAn EP here from (relatively) new London label Love Fever Records that should appeal to househeads of ‘a certain age’ for sure.

It’s a three-track affair. Shine is up first, which opens with some gorgeously warm strings redolent of classic early 90s Italian deep/dub house on Irma and its many spin-off labels… and indeed continues in much the same vein, with warm Heard-ish bass, jazzy organ chords and a blissed-out, euphoric feel overall. Desake, up next, follows a similar blueprint but with the addition of cut-up soulful male vox (possibly a Trapped micro-snip put through the FX mangle?), while the epic, prog/Balearic-tinged Journey’s End plays us out.

Given that Love Fever is the offshoot of a London warehouse party, presumably this EP is dead ‘now’ and ‘hip’ and all that. Go figure, cos to these old ears it’s sheer nostalgia (in a good way, I mean), with Shine the standout.

Out: This week

About: This is number 9 from Love Fever, who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Andre Salata – Rogue

January 28, 2015 in Singles

Andre Salata Rogue TilesSome nice chunky house/tech-house vibes on this three-tracker from Brazil’s Tiles Recordings, which comes from label boss Andre Salata.

The title track is up first, a techy affair with phat, ruff-edged bass, a filtered synth hook that almost borders on the trance-y and a high-pitched, heavily effected male vocal. Common Threads, the EP’s liveliest cut, continues the phat n’ bassy theme and sports jaunty FX and a trippy breakdown, while finally Inside Out is a chuggy lil’ number with squelchy bass, rave-y synths and a cheeky lil’ vocal nod do Diana Ross’s Upside Down.

All three cuts are very solid but I think Inside Out just nudges it for me.

Out: This week

About: Find Tiles Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Arno Stolz – Bomba EP

January 26, 2015 in Singles

Arno Stolz Bomba EP Share RecordsWe move back into the house/techno arena now with this pleasingly varied three-tracker from Helder Teixiera’s Share Records.

20-year-old Belgian producer Arno Stolz is the man at the controls, serving up three well-crafted tracks that belie his tender years. Kiss It is a percussive, darkly rolling tech-houser, pretty upbeat but still kinda deep and groovy with it. Bomba itself is another tech-house cut but one that leans more towards the ‘house’ side of the equation, with understated 4/4s, a funny nagging, bleepy little synth hook and occasional snatches of distorted/downpitched vox. Both will do the dancefloor do for sure, but the standout for yours truly here is It Fits, which takes us more firmly into deep techno territory and which is seven minutes of eyes-wide-shut small hours dancefloor bliss.

Out: This week

About: You can find Share Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

FD – Change Please/Into You

January 26, 2015 in Singles

FD Change Please Spearhead RecordsSome very fine liquid D&B grooves to kick off with tonight, coming from those ever-reliable providers of same, Spearhead Records.

As the more observant among you will have guessed, it’s a two-track affair. Change Please builds on a foundation of tuff, rolling beats with a soulful, near-falsetto male vocal, what sound like accordion stabs (!) and of course, lashings of fat, warm bass. Flip it over, and Into You is a slightly less frantic stepper, with another full soulful male vocal and an extended breakdown in the middle. And both are extremely checkable.

Look out also for Spearhead’s soon-come TEN compilation, marking (again as the more observant among you will have guessed) a decade in the game for the Essex stable.

Out: This week

About: FD is the production alias of London’s Freddie Dixon. Spearhead, meanwhile, can be found here, here and here.

Various/BiG AL – Casablanca Deep Sessions

January 25, 2015 in Albums

Big Al Casablanca Deep Sessions Dutchie MusicOkay, last one for today and seeing as it’s Sunday night it seems appropriate to leave you with some slightly mellower deep house vibes on this very fine album curated by Ready Mix boss BiG AL (though the album itself actually comes on Florida’s Dutchie Music).

Given the amount of times Ready Mix and AL himself have featured on TIWWD previously you should have a pretty good idea what to expect here already, and yes, sultry deep grooves of the highest order are pretty much what you get from start to finish – rocking enough to work on the floor (or at least on more specialist floors, I wouldn’t try any of these cuts at your local Ritzy’s!) but dreamy and luxuriant enough for late-night home listening too. There’s a nice mix of familiar names (Rishi K, Onur Ozman, Joeski, Pete Moss, BiG AL himself) and newer talents, and the tracks are supplied both in unmixed, full-length format and as a 67-minute DJ mix from AL. What more could you ask for?

Out: This week

About: You can find Dutchie Music/Dutchie Worldwide on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jerzeyy Boyz – 430 Broadstreet EP

January 25, 2015 in Singles

Jerzeyy Boyz 430 Broadstreet EP Gents & Dandy'sOkay, so far tonight it’s all been a bit shirts-off-in-the-strobes… not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but let’s take a left turn now into garage territory with this absolutely KILLER slab from Gents & Dandy’s. Not sure whether the Jerzeyy Boyz are actually from NJ themselves but they certainly wear their allegiance to the music of the Garden State pretty clearly on their sleeves, given their name and the fact the two tracks are called Welcome To Jerzeyy and, er, Garden State!

Four mixes of Welcome To Jerzeyy to choose from. The original pulls off that classic Jersey trick of lush, sumptuous leads/melodies and sweet fem vox underpinned by the rawest of kicks to devastating effect, the Way Back Remix is a slightly spacier, later-night variation on the same theme, while Snazzy Trax’s rub has a sparser, more UK-ish feel. But while all three are great, cheesy old speed garage/bassline house quaver that I am, the one I keep coming back to the most is UK scene veteran Jeremy Sylvester’s remix, which you can safely put in the bag marked ‘M1 monsters’!

The militantly stripped n’ raw Welcome To Jerzeyy, which to these ears recalls classic Serious Grooves tackle from the mid-90s, completes what’s pretty much an unmissable package for the proper garage lovers.

Out: This week

About: You can find Gents & Dandy’s on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their brand spanking new website