Giuliano Rodrigues – Same Effect

July 31, 2014 in Singles

Giuliano Rodrigues Same Effect LucidflowFour tracks in a total of five mixes make up this latest from the ever-checkable Lucidflow.

If you’re not a fan of Lucidflow’s trademark style of deep, dubby and minimalist (though not not necessarily ‘minimal’) techno, then it has to be said there’s not much here to change your mind…  a microscopically more tech-housified refix of the title track by Jon Donson notwithstanding, this is archetypal Lucidflow fare through and through. But if twitchy drums, dubwise b-lines and production cavernous enough to drive a juggernaut through are your idea of a good time, then I strongly suggest you grab a-hold of this, sit back with a conically-shaped cigarette and enjoy…

Out: This week

About: Find Lucidflow online here, here and here.

Tony H – Beggin’ You

July 31, 2014 in Singles

Tony H Beggin' You Viva RecordingsContemporary-style bass-heavy, tech-tinged house grooves are the order of the day on this three-tracker from long-running US label Viva Recordings.

Beggin’ You itself is the standout for yours truly, thanks to its highly creative use of a vocal sample from a certain Awesome 3 rave classic, now doctored so that she’s “beggin’ you… go!” and put through the FX mangle atop some serious bottom-end wobble. Hey! is less bass-tastic, more stripped-back and percussion-led with chopped male vox, while finally What Is Underground is a beefy, heads-down chugger for afterhours floors.

Out: This week

About: Find Viva Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

RanchaTek – Masta Blasta

July 30, 2014 in Singles

RanchaTek MastaBlasta Gram-O-Phonique MuzikIt has been a long, hectic and mentally exhausting day, so just the one review tonight.

It’s not gonna be a very long review, either, because there’s just the one mix of Masta Blasta to talk about. But suffice to say if tuff, rollicking tech-house grooves are what you’re looking for this week then you just found ’em right here, in the form of an energetic, no-nonsense drum-led cut underpinned by a suitably hefty walking b-line and topped with looping snips of hip-hop vocal.

Innovative? Intelligent? Groundbreaking? Not at all. Suitable for the moving of asses on dancefloors? Abso-ruddy-lutely.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Gram-O-Phonique Muzik, a new-ish venture by RanchaTek himself and Stanny Abram which you can find here.

Disobey – House Is House

July 29, 2014 in Singles

Disobey House is House Mo RecordsMore chunky, fairly uptempo house vibes on this three-tracker from Brighton-based duo Disobey, AKA Jed Stemp and Aran Reynolds, which is brought to you by a US label who haven’t featured on TIWWD before, Mo Records.

House Is House kicks off with a well-known sample from Public Enemy’s Caught, Can We Get A Witness? that you might also remember Natural Born Chillers putting to very effective use back in the late 90s. An understated organ bassline and insistent hi-hats then underpin the rest of the track, which sports constantly envolving hand percussion and a looping, hypnotic vocal saying “technology” (I think it is) over and over.  Were Are You [sic] is a slightly deeper cut with a garage-y female vocal loop, no-nonsense kicks and very now-sounding big bass that makes a great contrast with the decidedly old skool-sounding piano breakdown. Jed’s NY Mix of the latter track then completes the EP, a more languid, late-night pass that’s long on undulating synth sounds and beatless passages.

On this evidence, TIWWD is very glad to make Mo Records’ acquaintance, nuff said!

Out: Thursday (31 July)

About: This is the 14th release from Mo Records. You can find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook if you want to know more.

Joshua Puerta – Got Play

July 29, 2014 in Singles

Joshua Puerta Got Play AquasoundSome fine chunky, tracky house grooves on this latest from Miami label Aquasound.

On the A, Got Play itself is a techy but still funk-fuelled affair that rolls along at 123bpm, its sinuous bassy groove augmented occasionally by spoken male vocal fragments. Flip it over, and Hustler Bitch operates in similar musical territory but is a little more dramatic in terms of builds and drops, and again sports snatches of spoken vocal here and there.

Not much more to say but these are two extremely solid and energetic cuts – the kind you reach for when the floor’s already moving nicely and you want to keep ’em there for a while.

Out: This week

About: Find Aquasound online here.

Copyright – Move Over EP

July 28, 2014 in Singles

Copyright Move Over EP DefectedAnd from a newcomer to the world of house music (Bob Caro, below), we move on to two respected veterans of the UK scene, Gavin Mills and Sam Holt AKA Copyright.

On the A-side here, Move Over is a pacey house cut with chanted/scatted (that is to say, indecipherable) vox, a very now-sounding big bassline and a synth topline that nods towards vintage Detroit sounds. Flip it over and you’ll find Submarine, a more heads-down and stomping affair with near-falsetto soulful male vox.

In both cases, this is a tuffer, bigger-room take on house than the soulful stylings you’d more usually associate with the duo… but the quality shines through all the same, as you’d expect from two producers who’ve been at the forefront of the game for as long as this pair!

Out: Today

About: This comes on the mighty Defected Records, who you can find here, here and of course, here.

Bob Caro – The Portrait EP

July 28, 2014 in Singles

Bob Caro The Portrait EP Gents & Dandy'sFour tracks of garage-tinged deep house goodness make up this fifth release from fledgling Californian label Gents & Dandy’s, which is the handiwork of 21-year-old Dutch producer Bob Caro.

The Portrait itself is a mid-paced instrumental with big pads and some lovely jazzy, minor-key piano. Can’t Let Go with its lush chords, parping sax and wailing diva vox is a more garage-leaning cut with a lil’ bit of acid thrown in for good measure. The more spaced-out Locked features more of that jazzual sax alongside a familiar vocal sample (“love and tenderness they’re gone”) whose original source escapes me right now, while finally Sob is a thing of delicate, late-night beauty topped with an “I got a feeling” vocal loop.

File under ‘sumptuous’. More, please!

Out: Today

About: Find Gents & Dandy’s on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Boidae – Voodoo Fangs

July 27, 2014 in Albums

Boidae Voodoo Fangs Raw RootsLastly for tonight, we have this excellent debut long-player from Bulgarian house producer Boidae, brought to you by Sofia-based label Raw Roots.

Voodoo Fangs takes in various shades of house music across its nine tracks. Opener Quest is a mid-paced near-instrumental with Afro/tribal tinges to the percussion and the breathy vocal snips. Soul Exist sits on the deep/prog cusp, while Allure takes us into more peaktime/main room territory and makes very ‘now’ use of some very old skool sounds, if you see what I mean. Blunts & Snakes is a dubbed-out G-houser made to make rumps shake, Death In Exile is a moody experimental cut, Spellbind nods towards the cosmic, Stranger again has an epic/proggy kinda feel, the title cut rocks Relief-style percussion, ominous droning bass and space age bleeps, and Votary plays us out at a slightly lower tempo with a lo-slung funk all of its own.

But such a whistlestop track-by-track tour doesn’t really do this album justice. Better to say simply that it most definitely IS groovy, baby… and that you should check it for yourself at the earliest possible opportunity.

Out: This week

About: Not only is this Boidae’s first album, it’s Raw Roots’ first full-length too. You can find them on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Derek Carr – Galactic Interface EP

July 27, 2014 in Singles

Derek Carr Galactic Interface EP Stripped RecordingsA six-track EP (or really mini-album) on Stripped Recordings here that defies easy categorisation… but that I’d heartily recommend you check out.

Opener Dan And DNA starts out sitting somewhere between the very deepest of dubstep and techno with its heavy kicks, fractured rhythms and growling synths… then as the track progresses, more melodic, almost ambient elements come into play. Galactic Interference operates in blissed-out but still energetic deep/progressive house territory, as does Mars MissionM3 Cruising V2 is like lounge music from outer space, Tron Dreams is a drifty, near-beatless excursion and then finally Womb takes us down roads first explored by the likes of The Orb and System 7 two decades ago.

It all adds up to a very fine 45 minutes of enveloping, engaging, hypnotic electronic music that’s definitely best appreciated whole…and more than likely while getting both horizontal, and herbal. Ahem.

Out: This week

About: Find Stripped Recordings and the rest of the Stripped/Hype label family on Soundcloud, at main man Norman H’s Facebook page or at their own blog.

Hauswerks – Listen To Me EP

July 27, 2014 in Singles

Hauswerks Listen To Me EP Moda BlackChunkier, more uptempo house vibes now coming courtesy of Moda Black.

Do The Pop is up first, a club-ready deep houser that tops Latin-influenced beats with soaring synths, garage-y keys and snatches of spoken male vocal. Listen To Me itself again has Latin-sounding drums, this time accompanied by female vocal snips and old-skool synth stabs – imagine the sound of Nervous Records’ trackier releases circa 1991-93 given a 21st Century makeover and you’re somewhere in the ballpark. And then finally, Walk The Walk is a more lo-slung n’ sleazy groove, whose rumbling bassline is the glue that holds a raft of different sounds together, from industrial clangs n’ bangs to the jive-talkin’ spoken vox.

Listen To Me nudges it for me but younger floors will probably dig Walk The Walk more.

Out: This week

About: Find Moda Black here, here and here.