Luke Gibson – Lose Your Mind In The Groove EP

May 31, 2014 in Singles

Luke Gibson In The Groove EP IDL RecordsMore chunky, driving house/tech-house vibes on this three-track, four-mix EP from Leeds native Luke Gibson, coming on his own IDL Records.

In The Groove is just that, a simple hip-swaying groove augmented by raw-sounding piano chords and “come on!” shouts. The accompanying Hauswerks Remix is the rub for tech-house floors with its busier percussion and industrial synth FX, while elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Lose Your Mind – just a wee bit too busy for these ears – and the much smoother Come Together with its rumbling bottom end, insistent female “oohs”, spoken male vocal about how things were “back in the day”, some cool chord-y keyboard work and just a tiny hint of dubwise skank to the rhythm.

 Out: This week

About: IDL have been up and running since late 2012. This is their seventh release and you can find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Lee Walker – Go Back EP

May 31, 2014 in Singles

Lee Walker Go Back EP Mile End RecordsMiddlesbrough lad Lee Walker, who’s featured on TIWWD before with releases on Savoir Faire and Unrivaled, comes to Canada’s Mile End with this two-tracker.

Go Back itself is a fairly driving houser, powered along by a chunky synth b-line and topped with a spoken/rapped “back to the old school… like a heartbeat” male vocal. On the flip, meanwhile, The Time is a tuffer cut with rock-solid kicks, another large synth b-line and a chopped n’ looped “I think it’s time to make the floor burn” vocal (not the Kid N Play one, though).

Two very solid cuts made for Saturday night primetime action on more discerning floors.

Out: This week

About: Mile End is Kris Coleman’s label, they’re based in Montreal and you can find ’em here, here and here.

Andi Rivera – In My Mind/The One

May 30, 2014 in Singles

Andi Rivera In My Mind Xylo MusicAnd while we’re revisiting classic sounds (see below), here’s a two-tracker from fledgling London label Xylo Music that’ll have older garage heads grinning from ear to ear.

Andi Rivera has impressed TIWWD before with his remix work for Deep8, but now he comes with two original tracks. The One is ‘merely’ a very good revisiting of the kind of soulfully-inclined UK bizniss with which the likes of Tuff Jam and Grant Nelson made their name but it’s In My Mind that’s the absolute killer here, as Mr Rivera digs back even further in time… if you’d played me this and told me it was an Azuli or Serious Grooves 12 from 1993 or so I’d have totally believed you.

Raw like sushi with parping organs, skippy beats and chopped M&F vox, this is PROPER garage alive and well in 2014. RU sleepin’? You’d better wake up boy…

Out: This week

About: This is only number two from Xylo Music… let’s hope there’s plenty more to come! You can find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud.

The CheckUp – The Race EP

May 30, 2014 in Singles

The CheckUp The Race EP Beef RecordsIt’s been a long and stressful week so just the two reviews tonight, starting with this latest from Prague’s Beef Records.

The Race itself, in its original form, is a contemporary-sounding house jam that nonetheless centres around some decidedly old school-sounding pianos and, as the track progresses, disco elements (chopped vox and fluttering synths) that would do Mr Negro himself proud! It’s accompanied by a deeper JML Remix that drops out the ivories and brings those wibbly synths to the fore, while rounding out the EP is In My Arms, a classic-style deep house/garage groove with Jersey-ish organ sounds and scatty vox that could have come straight off an early 90s Irma/Antima release.

Classic elements, contemporary styling, what’s not to love?

Out: This week

About: Find Beef Records on Facebook or at their own website.

DAAT – Apache/Fridge

May 29, 2014 in Singles

DAAT Fridge/Apache Detuned TransmissionsFinally for tonight we have this two-tracker from Detuned Transmissions… a record I’m liking a lot, but which has me scratching my head in that “I don’t even know what sort of music this is” kinda way. The Soundcloud page for DT describes the label’s remit as “experimental 170bpm music” though so I guess we’ll have to take their word for it.

But anyway, Apache is a weirdly wonderful 5:41 of what presumably are helicopter blade noises (given the title), solo synth notes that push the ‘sustain’ meter well into the red, and a barely-there ‘rhythm’ that sounds like a timpani player slowly gouching out three doors down the road. Definitely one for those late-night, herbally-induced voyages into inner space, while on the flip Fridge is more readily identifiable as dark, minimal half-time D&B, but every bit as sonically absorbing as the A.

Actually, I think Fridge might be the A and Apache the AA, but it doesn’t matter, whichever way up you hold it this is cutting edge stuff that I’m told is getting love from sources as diverse as Rob Da Bank and Rinse FM, and deservedly so.

Out: This week

About: You can find Detuned Transmissions, who are based in Montreal, on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

System2 – Oh Yes EP

May 29, 2014 in Singles

System2 Oh Yes EP Underground AudioEver do that thing where you get a daft mishearing of a lyric in your head, and then you can’t hear it as owt else? Well I’ve done it with the no-nonsense, tech-tinged house grooves of the title track here, which will now always be ‘the one with the treated diva vocal loop saying “I’ll carry you on my paper round”.’ I’m sure she’s not saying that really but the damage has been done.

Elsewhere on what is in fact an EP full of no-nonsense house/tech-house grooves, Changes couldn’t really be much more Sneak/Carter-ified if it tried and sports a spoken “underground!” vocal and a neat bubblin’ 303 bassline, while the darker, bleepier Godfather features a chunk of sampled dialogue from the wedding scene in the film of the same name.

Excellent work all round. Jacking of bodies will ensue, you ruddy well mark my words.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Manchester imprint Underground Audio… it’s their 13th release (luckily for us) and you can find ’em here, here and here, don’tchaknow?

Oona Dahl – Somewhere We Can Go EP

May 29, 2014 in Singles

Oona Dahl Somewhere We Can Go EP Stripped RecordingsTwo tracks in a total of four mixes make up this new EP from Norman Hines’s Stripped Recordings.

I’ll have to be honest here, and say that the Michael A Remix of the title cut is too floaty-‘beefa-prog for me; similarly the Phonic Scoupe mix, while it loses the pop-fluffiness and will delight fans of Digweed or Trentemøller, fails to render mine personal canoe buoyant. No matter though – because the Tini Tun Remix (there’s no original included, oddly) is a killer, a constantly evolving 9:18 of darkly groovy house music forged in the furnace where deep, prog and tech melt into one. And bonus track Twisted, a more late-night, dub-tinged affair, is none too shoddy either.

A game of two halves then (Brian), but what a fine half that good half is.

Out: This week

About: Find Stripped Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Chemars – Lost In Music EP

May 28, 2014 in Singles

Chemars Lost In Music Waldliebe FamilienStupidly busy with real, paid work stuff this week, but there’s just time tonight to tell you quickly about this new EP from Waldliebe Familien, a Romanian label whose promos have recently started landing in the TIWWD inbox.

Fellow Romanian Chemars, AKA Manuel M*, is the man at the helm, and he brings us four tracks here. Jazz Stax is a driving, boompty-ish affair with mucho parping sax, energising organ stabs and vocal “dance!” and “do it!” interjections. Lost In Music has a similarly Carter-esque feel, rocking a neat little plainitive keyboard hook and garage-y vocal snips. Slalom is a slightly more sedate, understated number with unhurried drums and long, sweeping synth washes, while finally Stangaci sees Chemars back in unashamed slammin’ mode, in this instance adding a zeitgeisty sawtooth b-line.

Jazz Stax is the standout here for me but all four tracks will rock the real house floors for sure.

Out: Saturday (May 31)

About: Waldliebe Familien can be found on Facebook, or at the website of parent label Natural Rhythm.

*I think there are two Manuel M’s by the way, because there’s also a French one who does stuff with David Duriez, unless I’ve got it twisted and they’re actually the same guy?

East LA Tek – Innuendo EP

May 26, 2014 in Singles from the sofa-oriented mind-melt of Alex Tea, we moved to the dancefloor-oriented face-melt of this latest offering from Superfreq.

East LA Tek may be a new name, but the duo themselves aren’t, being label boss and London boy Mr C, and Hypertone main man and Detroit native Noël Jackson in real life. Taking their name from the fact they’re both now based in the city of angels, they decided to get in the studio with a bunch of vintage hardware… and this four-track EP is the result.

With four fierce, blistering cuts heavily laden with 303 squelch and uncompromising, metallic drum sounds, you can file this EP under ‘techno’ or ‘acid house’ as you see fit… either way these are tracks made for sweaty rooms full of strobes and dry ice, and in such a setting, all four will kill it, though She’s An Eleven would be the first I’d reach for, with Addictive Box not far behind.

Out: Friday (30 May)

About: You can find Superfreq on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Alex Tea – Rainy Vibes

May 26, 2014 in Singles

Alex Tea Rainy Vibes KosmophonoTwo on a techno tip for you tonight, starting with this four-track slab of deep, twitchy goodness from Alex Tea.

In its Original form, Rainy Vibes is a sparse, atmospheric, minimal-leaning piece, its fractured, crackly rhythms sweetened by the addition of some gentle, melancholic piano licks. The Egal 3 Reshape Remix is essentially the same but with hefty kicks adding some dancefloor oomph, but my pick here would be the Groovesh Remix, another rub aimed straight at weirded-out n’ weary 5am floors with beefy 4/4s, sonorous bell sounds and off-kilter synth squiggles. Rounding out the packages is Construction, which is what happens when glitch and dub collide.

Immersive stuff, your appreciation of which may well be enhanced by a herbal cigarette or two…

Out: Today

About: This comes on Kosmophono, a label who haven’t featured on TIWWD before. But they’re five years old, they’re based “from London to Venice”, whatever that means, and you can find them here, here and here.