Lee Guthrie – Socialism EP

April 19, 2014 in Singles

Lee Guthrie Socialism EP Something Different AgainSome very fine deep, dark bizniss here from Something Different Again that sit right on the cusp of house and techno.

Socialism itself is a sparse, moody, tribal-tinged groove topped with samples of a man talking sense, nuff said! Very Regal rides a slightly jauntier rhythm but, with its breathy vocal samples and cavernous FX, still manages to convey a sense of dark, brooding menace. What Is is a largely percussive jam topped with a spoken “What is house?” vocal and some trippy off-kilter keys, while finally You’re Mad is like one of those 7am “it’s all gone a bit weird” moments committed to vinyl.

Saturday night good-time singalong disco grooves these are not, but if it’s a trip deep into the zone you’re after then look no further.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 28 Jan.

About: This comes on Something Different Again, the SD offshoot set up to cater for darker, techier sounds. Here they are on Facebook… I should also mention at this point that the mothership label also has two V/A EPs out on Beatport this week as part of their birthday celebrations, but due to the sheer volume of music in the TIWWD reviews pile we might have to come back to those when they go on general release

Various – Spring Moods Vol 3

April 16, 2014 in Singles

DeepWit Spring Moods 3Another label who can pretty much always be relied on to come up with the deep house goods are Denmark’s DeepWit. Here, they bring us the third in what’s now their annual series of spring samplers.

It’s a pretty varied affair, as well. Dee C’rell’s Edif’s Tale kicks things off on a dusty, downtempo tip, before Bourne’s ambient/prog-tinged Feelings Are Weapons moves us into the very deepest of house territory. Distortion Inc’s Thinking Of You is in a similar vein to the Bourne cut but with more floor-friendly beats, before Jarquin & Cano serve up what for me is the EP’s finest moment, the sultry, afterhours groove that is El Deep. Fellow Dane Tim Andresen then brings the EP to a close with the laidback, late-night vibes of Can You Feel It.

That’s quite a lot of musical ground to cover in a mere five-track EP, but the collected talents gathered here pull it off with aplomb.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings here, here and here

Dominic Martin – Striving For Truth

April 16, 2014 in Singles

Dominic Martin Striving For Truth Lost My DogSome predictably fine, garage-tinged deep house grooves on this three-tracker from Lost My Dog.

Striving For Truth itself marries a contemporary-sounding bassline to more trad-style Rhodes chords and spoken male black consciousness vocal. Elsewhere on the EP, the soulful/garage-y elements come even more to the fore, the organs and chopped soulful vox of My Mind screaming ‘New Jersey’ while the slightly tuffer Take Me Up would have sounded right at home in a Gavin ‘Face’ Mills or Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson set circa 1997.

My Mind wins it by a nose from where I’m sitting but that’s a tough call to make when you’ve got three tracks as good as these to choose from!

Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog here, here and here.

Cristoph – Right Now EP

April 15, 2014 in Singles

Cristoph Right Now EP DFTDTireder than a tired thing right now so just the one review for you tonight.

Rising young northern producer Cristoph returns to Defected sub-label DFTD (who brought us his Guffaz EP last year) for another three-tracker. The title track is a midpaced, deep-ish house groover with synth bleeps a-gogo, over which backdrop menacing distorted male vocal samples and micro-snatches of diva vox go head-to-head. It’s actually the other two tracks on EP that are doing it better for me, though. Not Understanding is quite a lively little deep/tech chugger with garage-y overtones to the sound set (and more of those downpitched male vox, in this instance helpfully speaking the title), but the standout for yours truly is Dubs Business, another chuggy groove with gentle melodic keys lightening what’s otherwise a pretty heads-down and underground affair.

Out: This week

About: Find DFTD on Soundcloud or at the Defected website.

Alex Stein & Victor Ruiz – Cromo

April 14, 2014 in Singles

Alex Stein Victor Ruiz Cromo Sprout MusicAnd finally for tonight, there’s this… frankly an absolute MONSTER of a tune.

I must have listened to Cromo (which comes in just the one mix) about 10 times today, and I’m not bored of it yet. Which is odd, in a way, because it’s not like there’s anything massively groundbreaking going on – in fact in many ways you could say it’s fairly typical tech-house/techno fodder, what with its plinky-plonky main synth riff, relentlessly pounding 4/4s, tension-building John Carpenter-esque breakdown and ensuing huge, dare I say almost EDM-style bass drop.

So yeah, it does what a lot of tracks do. It’s just that most of those tracks don’t kick like the proverbial freakin’ mule while they’re doing it. And this does.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Sprout Music, a Berlin-based (mostly) techno label who have featured on TIWWD before I think, but not for ages… find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

AuDio KoDe – Bamba!

April 14, 2014 in Singles

Audio Kode Bamba! Manchester Underground MusicAnd from Acid Rain, to Acid Database. Because it’s all about the B-side here…

Don’t get me wrong, Bamba! itself is a pretty decent slice of techno/tech-house, with fierce Relief-ish drums, tripped-out synths/FX and rap-style male vocal exhortations. But it can’t compete, to these ears, with Acid Database on the flip, which ain’t nothing but a good old-fashioned acid house rave-up of the kind your parents warned you about.

Or I guess you could also file it under acid techno, if you prefer. Doesn’t really matter, it’s a dancefloor destroyer either way.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Manchester Underground Music, who can be found here and here.

Apollo 84 – Acid Rain/Molly’s

April 14, 2014 in Singles

Apollo 84 Acid Rain Form-and FunctionA bit more of an upbeat n’ stompy feel to tonight’s reviews line-up, kicking off with this latest from Form-and Function.

As you can see, it’s a two-track affair. The title track is a big, strutty number with an almost Dooms Night-y bassline, the UK garage feel being accentuated by Tuff Jam-ish organ chords and chopped-up fem vox. File somewhere between Berlin, 2014 and South London, 1998. Over on the B, meanwhile, I have to say I’d dig Molly’s more if the vocal (wherein some black American dude waxes lyrical about his first ecstasy experience) hadn’t been heard very recently elsewhere, but it’s a plenty playable chunky deep/tech chugger all the same… and the “an hour later, I’m fuckin’ dancing my ass off” line is still sure to raise a few smiles!

Acid Rain is the one, though.

Out: This week

About: You can find Form-and Function on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – Miami WMC 2014 Sampler

April 13, 2014 in Singles

Ready Mix Miami Sampler 2014Yes, it does seem a little late in the day for Miami samplers but I’m reliably assured this is only just out this week!

We were just talking about Ready Mix boss Big AL and here he comes again, with his opening contribution to his label’s Miami sampler being the looping, discofied deep house beauty that is Smooth [Unreleased Dub Mix]. Rishi K’s Holes, which follows, is a dubby, FX-laden ride into deep space, while new kid on the block Tamandua Twist impresses with Jabuticaba 3.0, a slowly-evolving late-night jam comprising lively but understated percussion, densely layered pads n’ fx, tinkling keys and some familiar-sounding vocal snips. Tim ‘What Happens!’ Andresen then gives us Me Ase Bailar, which starts out with the sound of seagulls and waves and builds into a blissed-out, end-of-session affair topped with spoken Spanish female vox, while TIWWD regular Tony S brings things to a close with Sleepless, an unhurried lil’ chugger with “ooh boy” vocal snips.

Again, sterling work all round – as you’d expect given the heavyweight line-up – but Al and Rishi’s contributions are particular must-checks.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 April.

About: Find Ready Mix Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – Numusic Vol 3

April 13, 2014 in Singles

Numusic Vol 3 UM RecordsNext up we have this six-track sampler from the ever-dependable UM Records.

Yigit Atilla’s No Excuses is an object lesson in how to do dubbed-out deep house properly. Tidy Daps’ The Lie plays with classic Chi-Town deep house tropes, overlaying sumptuous piano and spoken vocal samples, while Olej & Stereoteric’s End Of March (presented here in Toxez Remix form) is a laidback n’ lazy late night gem. ReadyMix boss Big AL gives us Grace which is aimed straight at weary 5am floors, its drifting synth washes and barely-there snatches of vocal underpinned throughout by rock solid drums, before Da Funk (of Acryl Music fame) comes with Soul Knights, a more funktified, warm-up kinda cut, and then finally Dilby’s Starting Over is one for truly locked-on dancefloors to lose themselves in.

Big AL and Yigit Atilla vie for top honours if pushed, but really this is excellent stuff all round… from a label from whom we expect nothing less!

Out: This week

About: Find UM Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – This Is How We House Vol 1

April 13, 2014 in Singles

How We House Vol 1 MEMEGonna end the week by looking at some of the best V/A samplers the last seven days have had to offer, and first up is this calling-card sampler EP from brand new house label MEME.

Not going into each track individually, but cuts range from the deep, broody throb of Framewerk’s preacher-vocalled Decadence (The Sermon) to the melodic, synthy drift of Roller City’s Perfume, and from the peaktime strut of Walka & Sculpture’s Don’t Want to the Loft-ish grooves of InSOUL’s HazeJazz. Beyond that, with four more jams on offer from mostly new artists, you’d be well advised to check this for yourself!

Out: This week

About: This is MEME’s very first release so show some love! You can find ’em online here.