Leonardo Tou – Polarized EP

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Leonardo Tou Polarized EP Unrivaled MusicLast one for tonight and it’s another garage-tinged affair.

Or at least title track Polarized is. It’s a chunky, chuggy kinda cut, served with some gloriously wonky keys and all manner of off-kilter synth squiggles and FX going on in the background along with some spoken male vox buried deep in the mix, and still with that essential slinky groove flowing. Over on the B, Closer is a slightly techier deep houser that’s probably best suited to afterhours play, and that comes topped with more barely-there spoken vox… female this time, and I think she’s speaking in French but the vocal’s so barely-there it’s hard to tell!

Out: This week

About: This is the latest from Unrivaled Music, which as I must have said at least 50 times by now is part of the Endemic Digital stable.

Roland Nights – Hide And Seek EP

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Roland Nights Hide And Seek EP Deep Edition RecordingsAnd speaking of warm, garage-y grooves (see below), here’s a treat for all you lovers of da real deal shizzle, courtesy of the ever-reliable Deep Edition Recordings.

In its Original form, Hide And Seek is a chunky and fairly upbeat tech-soul ass-shaker, all crisp Jersey beats, big throbbing synths and soulful male vox. The organ-tastic Ready Or Not Dub pushes further towards UKG territory, reminding yours truly a little bit of Smokin’ Beats’ classic Dreams, Tato’s Moon Mix strips things down and tuffens ’em up just a smidgeon for the deep/tech floors while Timmy P’s Slow Mo Fo Remix is a tripped-out, afterhours pass. And then finally You & Me is another soul-dripping gem that you can file under deep house or garage as you see fit, cos it sits right in the middle where all the best tunes are!

Not really keen to pick a fave with this one… it’s deep dancefloor perfection whichever way you slice it. Though if you put a gun to my head then the Ready Or Not Dub’s gonna take some beating.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Edition on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Higinio – Some Love EP

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Higinio Some Love EP Flatgroove RecordsKeeping with the soulful feel we have this two-tracker from Spanish veteran Higinio, whose production CV spans some 20 years and includes releases on labels like Nite Grooves, i! Records, Stereo and Eukatech.

Today, though, he’s doing the do for Flatgroove Records, serving up She Wanna Be, a pulsing, big-room deep house groove topped with looping female vocal snips and gently lilting pianos, and Some Love, a more garage-y affair with heavily reverbed R&B-ish male vox and lovely warm, jazzy keys that wouldn’t sound out of place on the aforesaid Nite Grooves.

Two tracks that are simple, but superbly effective… sometimes experience shows!

Out: This week

About: This is only number three from Flatgroove, who are based in Rhodes, Greece – find out more via Facebook and Soundcloud.

Evan Iff – Faith & Trust

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Evan Iff Faith & Trust Large MusicMore deep n’ soulful vibes now courtesy of Evan Iff.

In its Original form, Faith & Trust is an uplifting affair with garage-y male vocals, old school piano chords/stabs and an epic breakdown in the middle. The Michelle Owen Remix drops the tempo slightly, riding an even more old skool-sounding breakbeat, while rounding out the package is H&S, a more contemporary-style deep house groove with a looping, hypnotic vibe.

Quality stuff as ever from this LA-based producer.

Out: This week

About: This comes on the mighty Large Music…  by sheer coincidence another US label who’ve now clocked up a decade and a half in the game! Find ’em here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Pedro Faria feat Kavina Ladean – Same Ground

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Pedro Farina Same Ground Viva RecordingsSome very fine female-vocalled, soul-tinged deep house vibes here, coming from Portugal’s Pedro Faria with mixes to suit a range of tastes.

In its Original form, Same Ground is a summery, midtempo concoction with something of the feel of classic west coast house and a nice chunky, ass-swayin’ bass-and-synth hook. The Futurewife Remix ups the tempo and reduces the vocal to echoing stabs, the Neiro Remix is a dubby, techy pass best suited to late-night or warm-up play, Pezzner’s rub flirts with bruk beats while finally the Provoke Rain Remix is a chunk of fat-bottomed tripped-out tech-soul.

Neiro and Futurewife just edge it for me I think, but this is a very strong package all round.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Viva Recordings, who’ve been repping house music in Seattle since 1998… find ’em on Facebook, on Soundcloud or their own website.

EinKa – Lovemade

August 31, 2013 in Singles

EinKa Lovemade Goldmin MusicA brave move here some might say from Parisian producer Romain Lateaume, AKA EinKa, as he dares to take on Minnie Ripperton’s 1974 soul classic Loving You and repurpose it in a late-night deep house stylee.

Still, it worked for The Orb… and to be fair it works pretty well for M. Lauteaume too; perhaps precisely because he’s avoided using the obvious ‘scream’, with the result that for non-trainspotter types, the effect might be more “I know that from somewhere” than “Oh god not that again.”

It comes in simple Extended and Radio mixes, so I shan’t keep you any longer except to say, a job well done.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Goldmin Music (yes Goldmin, not goldmine), the label EinKa co-runs with Thomas Marlow & Jeremy Armando. Find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook

Nelue feat Funkwoman – Right Through You

August 28, 2013 in Singles

Nelue Right Through You NangI don’t know much about racing cars but I’m fairly certain some of them have a button that injects nitrous oxide or something into the fuel chamber, and makes them suddenly go much faster… and yes, I could look it up and get my facts straight but where’s the fun in that? And anyway I’m tired. The point is, if I had a car*, I’d want a button like that.

Well, Madrid-based disco lover Nelue has a button like that. Because sure, the original Vocal and Instrumental mixes of Right Through You are perfectly serviceable slabs of archetypal Nang nu-disco (leaning in this instance towards the livelier, disco-house end of the spectrum, as opposed to the sleazy/slo-mo/nu-boogie side of things). And yes, Space Ranger’s synthier and, er, spacier remix is also very playable.

But then our Spanish friend leans forward and hits the button marked ‘Faze Action remix’. And whooshhh! off we go into warp drive, as the Brothers Lee prove once more (or rather twice more, because there are Vocal and Dub options) that they remain the nu-disco capi du tutti capi.

Essential Saturday night struttin’ bizniss.

Out: This week

About: You can find Nang here, mostly.

* which would be a bit pointless because I can’t drive

Fadel – Found

August 27, 2013 in Singles

Fadel Found Tiny Lamp MusicLast one for tonight, and we continue with tonight’s theme of instrumental, warm-up friendly grooves with this offering from Tiny Lamp, a Canadian label who are making their TIWWD debut.

In its Original form, Found is a meandering deep/tech houser with jungle-y overtones… in the sense of tribal rhythms and atmospheric jungle sounds, not in the drum & bass sense. The Ellroy 12inch Remix has even more of a moody, tribal feel, but the real reason this is here is Thomas Courribet’s Late Night Remix, wherein Found becomes a sumptuous deep house head-nodder driven by a phat, sashaying bassline.

As with the Lonya & Roi Okev release below, then, it’s all about picking the right mix with this one!

Out: This week on general release, though I believe it’s been out on Beatport for a fortnight.

About: Tiny Lamp can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud, and is a a new venture (this is TLM006) from the Ready Mix Records crew, based in Montreal.

Lonya & Roi Okev – February

August 27, 2013 in Singles

Lonya & Roi Okev February Asymmetric DipMore atmospheric, instrumental vibes now courtesy of Lonya & Roi Okev, coming straight outta Tel Aviv.

The techno upsurge spearheaded by Punch Music notwithstanding, Israel has of course generally been known in the past largely for trance and prog… and sure enough the original of February is, to be brutally honest, just a little bit too proggy for me, in that “smooth, melodic… and slightly over-earnest” kinda way, like something you’d hear in the early part of a Digweed set. But not to worry, because it’s accompanied by a brace of rubs that to these ears are far more satisfying. The Carlo Toma Remix is a stripped-down take riding a more militant, percussive rhythm, while best of all the Dekay Remix heads deeper still and brings in some neat understated bubblin’ acid as well as some FX from the ‘deep, dark techno’ school of thought.

Definitely worth checking for the latter two mixes even if you’re not feeling the original!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Asymmetric Dip, who can be found on Soundcloud and who are part of the Asymmetric Recordings stable.

Dix – Evolve

August 27, 2013 in Singles

Dix Evolve Just Move RecordsBack in the reviewing hot seat now after the Bank Holiday break, kicking off with this two-tracker from Dix.

Despite the EP title (which depending on whether you believe the hype sheet or the sleeve art is either Evolve or Evlove), the two tracks in question are called Rush Hour and Royal Roost. And despite the track title, the former isn’t rushing anywhere very much at all, being instead a deep and contemplative instrumental with a nicely throbbing b-line and some gentle keys work over the top. Royal Roost, meanwhile, is a more obviously dancefloor-oriented cut in a deep/prog/tech vein, characterised by fluttering synths and a spoken vocal that sounds like it’s been sampled from an old black and white movie.

Quality mood-setting vibes for sure.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 12 September or thereabouts

About: This comes to on Just Move Records, a new-ish (this is number 10) South African label who can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.