John Dalagelis, Fog & Kindimmer – Ruff Elements EP

July 30, 2013 in Singles

ohn Dalagelis, Fog & Kindimmer Ruff Elements EP Dieb AudioWe keep the tempo up now with this latest from Greek label Dieb Audio.

Tuff, jackin’ tech-house vibes are the general order of the day, albeit the four cuts here have more funk and swing about them than that description might lead you to expect. Dusty, with its lo-fi hiss and looping beats, has something of a Sneak/Carter feel, Soulchords is another gorgeously raw-sounding cut with a swagger that defies you not to sway that ass, Soulstring is a slightly deeper affair with a heavily treated male vocal loop and a melodic piano line that should serve it well in the sunshine this summer, while finally with Dance Around we’re back 2 dat raw tracky shiznit, but this time garnished with long, evolving pads that mean this one’s best suited to those 4am moments when it’s time to find out who’s really in this for the long haul…

Out: This week

About: You can find Dieb Audio on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Konstress – All About Music EP

July 30, 2013 in Singles

Konstress All About Music Four Fingers HandMore slammin’ peaktime house grooves here courtesy of Four Fingers Hand, a label who now I come to think of it haven’t featured on this blog for a while. They’re back with a vengeance with this one, though – all three tracks kick like the proverbial mule.

909 For Sale is a rock-solid, locked-on 3am house groove topped with sampled speech from some guy who’s selling his 909. All About Music itself is another tuff, driving classic-style houser, the vocal in this case featuring a different chap musing on the nature of music itself while a piercing test signal/sine wave/alarm kinda noise adds to the strobe-lit intensity… but the standout for yours truly is Weapons, which like the other two channels vintage Chi-town, this time topping off its jackin’, Carter-esque beats with the Loleatta “I’m gonna diss you right now” sample as made famous by Ellis D/Armando back in the proverbial “day”.

Proper house music, nuff said.

Out: This week

About: You can find Ciro Leone’s Four Fingers Hand, who are based in Naples, on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Dual T – Bodies Of The Night

July 30, 2013 in Singles

Dual T Bodies Of The Night Euphoria MusicDual T are known mostly for their releases on Savoir Faire, but here they make an appearance on Euphoria Music, which is based in their native Argentina.

Just the two mixes of Bodies Of The Night to choose from. The original’s a bouncy, uptempo deep(-ish) houser with bags of bass, crisp, driving 4/4s and an insistent piano riff, all topped off with a 90s-ish, diva-tastic female vocal and some killer space disco stabs; it’s accompanied by an Instrumental Mix that for once is actually just that, ie, exactly the same but minus the vocal.

Thankfully, there’s enough irresistible dancefloor energy in this, that it’s hard to imagine why you’d want any other mixes, really…

Out: This week

About: You can find Euphoria Music on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Buraq – Emergence

July 29, 2013 in Singles

Buraq Emergence Savoir Faire MusiqueSomething of a ‘deep house all-stars’ affair now as Savoir Faire call in Pretty Criminals and Rishi K to do the remix honours for Swiss producer Buraq.

With a line-up like that, picking a favourite was always gonna be hard. Buraq’s original, a deep ‘n dark late-night throbber with menacing synth stabs underpinned by rock-solid kicks and topped with some American woman talking scientific psychobabble (sample line: “An emergent behaviour, or an emergent property, can appear when a number of simple entities operate in an environment, forming more complex behaviours as a collective”) over the top? Rishi K’s more mellifluous, prog-tinged pass, which uses only looped snippets of the vocal? Or the Pretty Criminals Dub Mix, where the vocal’s again chopped n’ looped, but this time run through the FX mangle and placed over a seriously pounding, cavernous backdrop?

I think on balance the Original just nudges it for me, but there’ll be a moment for all three, rest assured.

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

d00sh – 2013

July 29, 2013 in Singles

d00sh 2013 Sounds Of JuanWe move into deep techno pastures now with the latest from Sounds Of Juan.

There are three mixes of 2013 to choose from. The original is a fairly minimal groove based around a throbbing bassline, one-note synth pulses and vaguely Latin-sounding percussion, while the Sun H Remix gets a lot busier on the drums/FX front and is probably one more for the actual technoheads. For yours truly though the standout here is the Chris Worthy Remix, which is essentially the same as the Original, just a little less Latin-sounding.

Always hard to know what to say about records as sparse as this but it sits very well right after the Commodo release below, as I found out auditioning stuff on headphones at the day job today. Fine stuff as ever from d00sh.

Out: Today

About: You know where to find Sounds Of Juan

Commodo – $pace Cash

July 29, 2013 in Singles

Commodo Space Cash Deep MEDi‘Various shades of deepness’ is the theme tonight, as we kick off with this three-track slab of head-noddin’, skunked-out dubstep.

$pace Cash itself is a slo-mo, all-instrumental affair with bass drops that could give the Mariana Trench a run for its money. Straight Reptilian overlays a busier, more shufflin’ riddim with some crazy man talking about reptilian overlords and such, while Wish brings a very fine EP to a close with its fluttering, warping synth-strings and general air of Something Rather Disconcerting being about to happen.

Superlative stoned grind to suit the most avidly red-eyed of listeners.

Out: Today

About: This comes to you courtesy of Deep MEDi, a London label who make their TIWWD debut tonight after an impressive seven years in the game. And golly I expect they’re excited about THAT! Find ’em here, here and here (web, Soundcloud, Facebook)

So many tunes, so little time 46

July 28, 2013 in Singles

Okay, I have officially given up on this week… just WAY too much music for one man to deal with! But if I’d had more time, these are the other records I’d have been telling you about this week…

AfroniQue SoulzBelieve In Me EP (Sofa Lounge) • Alex AglieriSensation (Beenoise) • Alland ByalloWiring Range EP (Release Sustain) • Arun R & Romi B – Jimmmy’s Groove (Unrivaled) • Audiojunkies, Bambook & Cari Golden – Bird On A Wire (Incorrect Music) • Bryan Chapman – Forest People EP (Ground Factory Records) • Carlos Pulido & Lopezhouse – Sunshine In The Darkness (MUM) • Curly Project – Lonely (Smiley Fingers) • D-Unity – Red Light District (Kinetika) • Daniel Torres – In The Bassment (NightChild Records) • Dennis Ferrer ft Janelle KrollMind Ur Step (Defected) • DomyanFollow EP (Exzellenz) • Edvard Monogram – Klaipeda Port (Stripped Off) • Eike Voigt – Something White (Drops) • FarfanMicrophone Stereo (One To One Records) • Frederico Y Alvaro – Geometry Remixes (Loudeast) • Jimmy Le Mac – Deeper (Double Yolk) • Khris Rios & B GutierrezYes Yes Yes (HOF Hall Of Fame) • Krios ft Amy LyonThe Rift (Black & White Orange Records) • Lenny Lenoks – Emotions EP (Crossfade Sounds) • Lissat & VoltaxTrippin’ In The Dark (Seamless Trax) • Mark Graham – Memories EP (Headset Recordings) • Martin BrodinVicious Games (Nang) • Mennie & Mario PiuGoing Crazy (Fahrenheit Music) • Mescis ft Charlie MoleBe Next To Me Remixes (Hype Muzik) • Mono4Selector (Sounds Of Juan) • Namy & Kathy BrownNot This Time (King Street) • Pete Graham & Chris LorenzoReminiscent Love (Four40 Records) • Phil WeeksCrate Diggin’ Vol 1 (Robsoul Recordings) • PirupaPirupa Remix EP (Snatch!) • Rafael KukudoJack Ya EP (Vibe Me Records) • Random Soul, Dave Mayer & Dutchican Soul – Beat Vibration EP (Nightbird Music) • Souldynamic ft Dawn TallmanIn The Air (King Street) • SoulMetricSystem ft Joy – Let Yourself Go (Cosmic Disco) • Tim LyallDeep In The Underground (Zipped Records) • VariousFolkets Hus EP (WMWL)

As ever, apologies to all concerned that these didn’t get a lil’ more love shown but just look how long a list that is! There’s only so much a boy can do. There were also a few albums I’d have told you about but as I’m STILL hoping to sit down and do a big albums round-up sometime soon you’ll have to wait to hear about those…

Usual Things Around – Rescue EP

July 28, 2013 in Singles

Usual Things Around Rescue EP Silence In MetropolisSome slightly more floor-friendly deep house vibes now courtesy of Usual Things Around, an Italian trio made up of Manuel de Lorenzi, Paul DC and Samuele Pirani, all of whom have long histories in dance music as promoters, label owners and producers (it says here).

Think deep house in that contemporary, tech-leaning style but without quite getting into Trendy Wendy east London/Berlin territory, would be the best way I could describe the two originals here, It’s Real and Rescue. On the remix front, Dale Howard (as is his wont) adds a little garage-y warmth and swing to It’s Real, while Washington DC’s Jus Nowhere (Justin Nouhra to his mum) pushes Rescue into sparser, wonkier territory.

A fine set all round but it’s Dale’s rub of It’s Real that’s the killer for me. Which will surprise absolutely no-one… it’s turning into Dale Howard Week here at TIWWD Towers, isn’t it?

Out: This week

About: This is only the third release from Silence In Metropolis, who you can find (big drumroll please) on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Jonny Bee – Nobody Like You

July 28, 2013 in Singles

Jonny Bee Nobody Like You Lens MediaOkay, after a couple of techier releases in a row let’s have some proper deep as in deeeeeeeep vibes now, and who better to turn to when looking for those than Croatia’s Lens Media?

Milan-based producer Jonny Bee serves up the very fine original, a warm, luxuriant and musical midtempo number with the very lightest hints of soul and jazz, while a very respectable remix line-up – South Africa’s Pozzi, the UK’s City Soul Project and Hungary’s Ill Cows – provide just enough variety in the rerubs to ensure you’ll happily sit and listen to all four in a row without needing to drag your weary, sorry, clubbed-out ass off the sofa.

Deeper-than-deep, driftaway late-night vibes of the highest order. Acquire.

Out: This week

About: You can find Lens Media on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Darius Syrossian – Anything Weird EP

July 28, 2013 in Singles

Darius Syrossian Anything Weird EP Lost RecordsSome very now-sounding deep/tech house vibes now from Mr Syrossian.

A-side I’ll Do Anything is a fairly dark, pounding cut that has DNA from both Chicago and Detroit and comes topped with a male “I’ll do anything for you” vocal. It’s accompanied by a slightly funkier/housier Leftwing & Kody Remix, while the brilliantly titled I’m Not Weird You’re Just Not Normal is another more house-ified affair with an insistent female vocal saying “Bounce!” (I think) throughout and, from two minutes in, a cool jaunty, jazzy keyboard lick to put a cheeky lil’ grin on the track’s face, and probably yours as well.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot! It’s the first release from a new label as well… London-based Lost Records.

Out: This week

About: Lost is Leftwing & Kody’s own label and so far the label itself only seems to have a Facebook page, but here’s L&K’s own Soundcloud page as well.