Some albums, quickly…

June 30, 2013 in Albums

As I’ve already said several times this was a crazy week for new music so there’s a few albums here we’re just gonna have to rattle through quite quickly…

New Horizons AsymmetricVarious – New Horizons: 5 Years Of Asymmetric
Bit confused how this celebrates five years of the Israeli label when their Soundcloud page says they’ve been around since 2006 but never mind that, all I really wanna say is that if all their shit’s as good as the 10 tracks of deep and tech (but mostly deep) house contained herein I wish I’d been paying more attention/they’d started sending me stuff sooner! Well worth checking, with Geist, Acidoaks and Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross among the better-known contributors. More info

Boys At SBB Vol 7 Shoes Bags & BoysVarious – Boys At SBB Vol 7
Number seven in a series from a label who’ve only just joined the TIWWD party – to wit, Shoes Bags & Boys – and I’m not sure whether they’d prefer to see them as albums or EPs, but anyway, some very nice deep and tech house vibes here, often with a disco edge, from (label boss) Ariane Blank, Eve Gallo and the proverbial host of etc. Can’t comment on how it all compares to previous releases but on this evidence I’d certainly like to hear more, especially since they describe their music policy, on their Facebook page, as “girly-deep-minimal-tech-house music”. You’ve got to love anyone who describes their music like that. More info

 Tech House Selected RecordsVarious – Tech House
Nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve and saying what you mean, eh? Spain’s Selected Records bring you 12 tracks of tuff, rollin’, er, tech house here from the likes of  Ismael Rivas and (label boss) Gabriel D’Or plus a host of lesser-known names. As a listening experience it’s a bit samey, it has to be said, but as a go-to collection of reliable floormovers for DJ sets it’ll do the job nicely. More info

Gary Beck Soma Compilation 21Various/Gary Beck – Soma Compilation 21
Ah, phew… with all these compilations from new labels I was starting to feel like a bit of a dinosaur. Thankfully along come a crew who are even older than I am! Now in their 21st year, Soma are still right at the forefront of the UK house and techno scene and this compilation mixed and compiled by Gary Beck shows why, showcasing the label’s deeper, more cerebral style of techno perfectly and throwing in remixes of some classic Soma tracks (Funk D’Void’s Diabla, Scott Grooves’ Mothership Reconnection and Silicone Soul’s Right On, Right On) for good measure. Quality stuff for discerning buyers. More info

Various – Corrosive Tracks Vol 1

June 30, 2013 in Singles

Various Corrosive Tracks Vol 1 Fetch RecordsYou, like me, have probably noticed old skool acid sounds cropping up on a lot of releases lately, so let’s return to the source with a three-track EP that features none other than the acid originator himself DJ Pierre.

He’s not the only veteran producer who’s come out to play, either. S-Express man Mark Moore teams up with Kinky Roland for the hypnotic acid bubbler Dreams Of Deja Vu, while elsewhere on the EP Kinky Roland and John Taylor give us Mastermind, a fiercer acid workout that reminds me a little of early Fierce Ruling Diva tracks. But fine as both of those two are, no-one does it like Pierre and his Genesis Wave is definitely the standout: eight minutes of uncompromising, strobe-lit, head-fried abandon. You can smell almost smell the dry ice, poppers and sweat.

Acid. Fucking. House!

Out: This week

About: This really rather splendid EP is the third offering from new label Fetch Records, which is Kinky Roland’s own label. They’re on that Facebook, don’t you know? Eeh we never ‘ad that in my day etc…

Kant – Love Like This

June 30, 2013 in Singles

Kant Love Like This Remixes Sleazy DeepNo fewer than seven mixes on offer of this latest from Sleazy Deep. Seven! That’s just silly. So I’m not going into each rub individually, but this did warrant pulling out from the ‘So many tunes…’ pile and getting a review all by its own self, because the looping “all the things you mean to me” vocal and its bass-heavy fusion of deep/tech house and nu-disco sounds are so now it hurts, and it’s easy to imagine this being HUGE this summer.

It’s the more house-oriented Framewerk and Saccao remixes that I’m personally feeling the most but with other mixes from Art Is A Consequence, Blackbirdz, DSF and Shimmer, plus the original of course, you’re almost sure to find something to tickle your fancy. Which means I guess including seven of the blighters wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Out: This week

About: You can find Sleazy Deep on Soundcloud or at their website. Oh, and if you think this sounds familiar it’s cos it was previously featured on the Miami Sleaze compilation.

So many tunes, so little time 45

June 30, 2013 in Singles

It’s been a mental week for reviews and as predicted I haven’t managed to tell you about have the things I’d have liked to, so here’s your almost-regular weekly ‘best of the rest’…


Anthony Mea is first up with the Reality EP, a three-tracker of lush, lazy, late-night deep house grooves with proggy overtones coming courtesy of Spring Tube…  then not a million miles away stylistically is the Adventures EP by Autim, which features two similarly prog-tinged deep techno cuts and comes on Sounds Of Juan…  Baslow gives us One Two Many Threes, a four-track EP of deep, dubby house vibes on Huxley and Jimmy Posters’ Saints & Sonnets imprint… deep, dubby techno meanwhile is the order of the day over at Drops, who give us the excellent Just Money by Blurred… while with four tracks in six mixes (including rerubs by Namito and Martin Eyerer), Fabricio Peçanha‘s Easy Back EP for Factomania has various deep and tech house bases covered…


… speaking of tech house Hoxton Whores come to Great Stuff with the quite poppy but very likeable rolling vibes of Things Happen… new Defected offshoot DFTD, which will focus on up-and-coming talent and have a slightly broader remit than the mothership label, bring us their second offering in the form of Give You My Love by J.Cub feat Sarah Story, a midtempo female vocal number that’d sit nicely next to your Crazy P and Fish Go Deep records… over in the USA meanwhile the legendary Siesta serve up Hold It Like That from Marasco & Gretchen Rhodes – think tech-house from the deep, dark n’ moody side…  Spring Tube make their second appearance with the Momota EP by Namatjira, which I was meant to tell you about last week, whoops, anyway if you’re partial to a bit of deep, melodic (but non-tedious!) prog then you’ll dig this for sure… and then just before the next row of pretty pictures there’s Ohm Hourani‘s Four Seventeen EP, with three cuts of skankin’ dubbed-out house/techno coming to you courtesy of Mile End Records


…back on a tech house tip Oliver Knight & Hugo JonesSoraiya is a tuff, drummy affair in its Original and Tony Thomas Remix forms but check the deeper, housier, groovier refix from James Dutton, that one coming on Cubism… there’s more groovy deep house bizniss in the form of French 75, which comes from Panos & Sentenza on Andre Crom’s OFF RecordingsPhil Agosta feat La Rae Starr bring the vocal house vibes on Defected with Lonely, which comes with deeper rubs from Gene Farris and House Of VirusHawaii Five-Oh from Randall Jones & Willis Haltom is a contemporary-style big room deep/tech affair rocking a very familiar vocal sample and coming backed with killer hip-houser Garbage DJs on Las Vegas label Riff Raff… while there are slightly more jazzy, leftfield house vibes on the five-track Disintegration EP from Sarp Yilmaz on Ireland’s Swink Music


… coming onto the home stretch now, Saytek does his live house/techno thing on Nuinio, then gets Jimmy Van M, Adrian Hour, Nadja Lind and Steve Mulder in to remix, that one coming on RLS who I can’t seem to find a website for…  Sebastian Leger‘s Snow Flakes gets a nice dreamy refix from one Khalil Touihri, though for label it just says CD-R so not sure if it’s coming out or what but here’s Khalil’s Facebook page anyway… and then finally there’s a couple of EPs on V/A tip to tell you about. San Francisco’s Headset Hi-Fi give us the rather spiffing (if unimaginatively titled) Headset Hi-Fi Vol 3 featuring some fine deep house grooves from Nacho Riveros, Andrea Martello, Bhoo and Wayne Duggan, while over on the other coast at NYC’s Yellowjax the 2013 Summer Edition EP is home to some solid deep and tech house vibes from Tomy Villacorta &  Steve Aries, Pablo Fe & Alex Cue, Aldo Conigliaro, Alex Gragnani and Mikel Curcio ft. Sharon Young, with Alex Gragnani’s Ritengo particularly worthy of your attention.

And that’s not all! If there was time I’d also have told you about the following:

Allesan Main‘s What You Say (Medicine Musique), Ankytrixx‘s No Kontrol (Freshin), Antonio Olivieri‘s Dynamo EP (Steyoyoke), Blue MondaysSometimes (Snatch!), Caruso‘s Tumaco (Southpark), Daniel Jef‘s You Understand EP (Diva Records), David PhillipsLet There Be Drums Vol 6 (Global Ritmico), Ed Lee‘s Beep (Stripped Off), Jack Fell Down‘s All We Got (Southern Fried), Julio Navas & David Amo‘s We Are Back EP (1605 Music Therapy), Konig Im Exil‘s Das Licht EP (Bounce House), MdS & Gymmy J‘s Aug EP (Respekt), Mike Gillenwater‘s This Time (Bid Muzik), SubkOde‘s Doin’ This EP (Cubism), Tiger Rose‘s Sunshine From The Inside (Manual Music) and Trevor Rockliffe‘s The Bells (Mentor Records)

but, well, there wasn’t time. Not least because I still have to say:

THANKS ALSO this week to Allan Villar, Aras Zemaitis, Boris, Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca, Darren Emerson, DJ PP, HRN, Killian’s, Megablast pres Mikele Dio, Mr C, Nail, Nariel, Nick Richards, Nuttys Nys ft Abe Molamu, Oscar Vazquez, Phil Fairhead, Phunk Investigation & Groovebox, Raxon, Rodrigo, Satin Jackets, thatmanmonkz, Tom Ellis, Unsub and William Kouam Djoko.

Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Remixes)

June 29, 2013 in Singles

Black Magic Disco First Avenue Pole Position RecordingsFirst out on BMD’s Downtown EP last year, First Avenue now gets another run-out in no fewer than five new mixes.

Takin’ em in reverse order, so to speak, Viper Strike’s remix is a fairly poppy nu-disco jaunt featuring added vocals from Patrick Baker. Final DJs’ remix is a more satisfying disco pass though, with some killer stabs, while both Phunktastike and Tom Eales edge us into more Balearic-ish territory – the former’s rub is proggy and pulsing while the latter’s is laidback and blissed-out.

But all of the above pale in comparison to BMD’s own Remix, where he ups the pace considerably and transforms the track into a killer bumpin’, organ-flecked garage joint with a decidedly Tuff Jam-esque feel. Don’t get me wrong, the other mixes are pretty cool too… but this one is unmissable.

Out: This week

About: This comes courtesy of Cardiff-based Pole Position Recordings. You can find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Tikki Tembo – Keep Movin’

June 29, 2013 in Singles

Tikki Tembo Keep Movin' NIghtbird MusicThe latest from Sebastian Davidson’s Nightbird Music here, and it’s the brainchild of Sydney-based DJ producer Tikki Tembo.

It’s a slightly surprising release from Nightbird (IMHO) because Keep Movin’ – with its looping “get your back up off the wall” sample and main “keep movin’, hear what I say” vocal – is as close as the label’s ever come to the more commercial side of disco house/nu-disco. But don’t let that put you off, because while the lead vocal IS quite poppy the production beneath has all the lavish quality that is Nightbird’s trademark, and the familiar sample lends the track instant floor appeal.

Jerk House Connection supply a stripped-down, pumped-up remix that doesn’t work quite so well for yours truly, but no matter because bonus cut Don’t You Know is actually the standout of the whole EP, a lo-slung, bassy throbber that should work on deep house and nu-disco floors alike.

A departure for the label perhaps, then, but worth checking all the same.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 3 July (that’s next week, for the calendrically-challenged).

About: You can find Nightbird Music here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Gesus LPZ – Off

June 29, 2013 in Singles

Gesus LPZ Off Deep8A useful, tracky lil’ deep/tech houser now courtesy of Gesus LPZ.

The original is a midtempo groover that combines the insistent, rolling percussion of tech-house with warmer, more musical sounds, and that will sound great on outdoor systems this summer. Terry Vernixx supplies a dubbier, more heads-down rub that’s oriented more towards warehouses and afterparties, while finally James Barnsley also goes deeper on his Off The Lead Remix and adds a little garage-y flava for good measure.

Mixes to suit a range of floors/times/moods then, which is always good.

Out: This week

About: This one comes on London’s Deep8 – here’s the website, Facebook and Soundcloud links you’ll be wanting.

Isaac Christopher – The Good Old Days

June 29, 2013 in Singles

Isaac Christopher The Good Old Days Madhouse“Everybody’s talking about the good old days,” goes the lyric on this latest from the revitalised Madhouse Records. Well Mr Christopher, if you’re gonna turn out bumpin’, funked-up proper garage gems like this then what the hell do you expect?

The original mix here is the most heads-down and driving, while label boss Kerri Chandler serves up a couple of piano’d-up remixes (vocal and instrumental) that are beyond reproach, as you’d expect… but top honours for me actually go to the Jam & Keys Remix, a slightly slower, more sultry rub with organs to die for and added female vocal inserts that nod towards garage of the UK as well as the US variety.

Class in a glass, basically. Buy it.

Out: This week

About: You can find Madhouse (est. 1992, relaunched 2010) on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Luminér – Ausgang EP

June 28, 2013 in Singles

Luminer Ausgang EP Left Wing RecordingsAnd the deep house goodness keeps on coming, this time in the form of a three-track EP from Italian duo Luminér.

Ausgang itself starts out all moody and atmospheric, then suddenly breaks through into the light two and a bit minutes in when the long, lingering pads, throbbing bassline and decidedly ‘Chi-town deep’ percussion are joined by sparkly, uplifting pianos… the words ‘Balearic’ and ‘epic’ can be applied at your discretion. Spindle is an even more faithful homage to classic deep Chicago vibes and features some lovely gently bubblin’ acid, while Trail Of The Falling leaves is a slightly more cinematic, thoughtful kinda cut that wouldn’t sound out of place on labels like Greta Cottage Workshop, Cambrian Line or Intelligent Audio.

If you like you deep house a little more cerebral and left of centre, this is your ‘pick of the day’ right here.

Out: Today

About: This is brought to you by Michael McLardy’s Left Wing Recordings. Based in Nottingham, they can also be found here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Goldboy – The Game Show EP

June 28, 2013 in Singles

Gold Boy The Gameshow EPIgnore the horrible bling-bling, hiphop-like cover here… contained within are some fine housey grooves.

Slow Down gets the ball rolling and is, appropriately enough, a slow, druggy groove that uses the same Public Enemy Power To The People sample as The Hypnotist’s rave classic House Is Mine (“you thought the beat slowed down, come on”, though here it’s just the “slowed down, come on” bit). Chicago Disco picks up the pace and is quite a chunky house thumper with that “before there was house, before there was techno, before there was acid… there was disco” sample. Deep Breath drops the tempo back down again in a leftfield/Balearic kinda fashion, with some great acid sounds thrown in, while finally Gameshow itself is a languid deep/tech cut with plenty of big Juno-like bass, and with sweet female snips doing battle with funny little Casio-like squiggles over the top.

“Music whose style is hard to define”, is what the hype sheet says about this, and they’re not wrong… but suffice to say if you like other records reviewed on TIWWD there’s a fair chance you’re gonna like this one, too.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Portuguese label Sofa Lounge – here’s the usual Soundcloud and Facebook links – but I’ve just noticed that Goldboy is based, like TIWWD, in sunny Bristol, UK. Which of course makes this all the more pleasing to mine ear 🙂

PS: The artwork says The Gameshow EP, the hype sheet says Chicago Disco EP, so don’t blame me if it’s listed as that on your download store of choice. Might even be the Deep Breath EP by then. Who can say?