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November 30, 2012 in Singles

As I mentioned yesterday, won’t be on here for a week now and there’s a ton of stuff I wanted to blog about this week and haven’t had time. But Mrs TIWWD is going to get cross if she gets here and I’m not packed, so you’re gonna have to make do with a list, I’m afraid…

Sorry to the producers/labels involved, you would have got more airtime but I ran out of week!

Adam Brass – Monte Verde EP (Hype Muzik)
Andy Lemac & Stride – This Time Around EP (Evo Music)
Ben Clarke – Everybody EP (Sleazy Deep)
Cesar Coronado – Voodoo (Fiakun)
Chunk Live – Wired Times (Menomale)
Danny Quattro – The Floor EP (Form_and Function)
Deep Mariano & Yoshitaca – Oh Yeah! (Nite Recordings)
Denny Trajkov – Millennium Park: The Remixes (Artefact)
Evan Iff – Glory EP (Large Music)
Golden Sails – Iceland (Honeywax Records)
James Silk & Andre Crom – Perfect Thing (OFF)
Lijan – The Juggler (Collage Recordings)
Marco Veronese & Massimo Cassini – Slavine EP (Medicine Music)
Maverickz & Konstantin Yoodza – Moved EP (I Am Techno)
Mihalis Safras – Liza Banana (Nite Grooves)
Oli Furness – If I Was (Say Aah!)
Pete Gooding – Underneath (Smiley Fingers)
ReKreation & Saytek – Dub Poetry EP (Deep Edition)
Ricardo G – Analog Clash (Tokyo Red)
Serafimoff – Touch My Body (Unrivaled Music)
Stefan Kaye – Focused EP (Savoir Faire Musique)
Stefano Ritteri – The Rules Of Control (Defected)

And that’s just the crème de la crème, I told you it was a crazy week for releases! In an ideal world every one of those would get a full review… meantime in our more usual So many tunes… vein, you might also want to check these:

B Cliff – Juncture (Formula Records)
Baccarat – Cloudiness Soul EP (So Cycle)
Charles Ramirez & Gary DF – Jail Story (Hall Of Fame)
Cyan C/Raw – Acid Blossom EP (Them On The Hill)
Danniel Selfmade & Charlie Demir – Libre La Vida (Stereo)
Dual feat Giovanna – Soul Searching (Way Of House)
Helder Teixeira – Be With You EP (Sounds Of Juan)
Julian Marazuela – Turquesa (Endemic Digital)
Kimara Lovelace – Circles [Remixes] (King Street)
La Source – Superstyle Disco (N.O.I.A)
Leandro P feat Daniel Reis – African Seed (Nylon Trax)

Octave One – New Life (430 West)

Taras Bazeev – Monocle (Guava)
The Love Theme – Rope [John Tejada Rmx] (Plumbline)
Vince Fierro – Take Your Night (Nocturnal)
Wehbba – Common Ground (Tronic)

As for NEXT week’s releases… they’re just gonna have to wait till I get back. Meantime, this seemed appropriate to leave you with… TTFN!

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor – Nocturnal EP

November 30, 2012 in Singles

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor Nocturnal EP Seasons Recordings

With this being the last full TIWWD review for over a week, I wanted something out of the top drawer to leave you with…

There’s just the two tracks to choose from here, but what fine tracks they are! On the A, Esoteric is a mellow, post-club kinda cut, its lingering pads and trippy synth squiggles underpinned by a fat n’ funky b-line and topped off with sampled mission control dialogue. Over on the B, After Dark takes us into even deeper territory, placing a one-line snippet of the Rock Creek Park vocal over luxuriant synth washes and crisp, insistent 4/4s.

Classic-style deep house done very, very well. What more do you need?

Out: This week

About: This comes on US label Seasons Recordings, who are based in Costa Mesa, California and can be found on Facebook, or you can visit their online store.

Andrade – Inconditional EP

November 30, 2012 in Singles

Andrade Inconditional EP Hudd Traxx

Four varied deep house nuggets here from French producer Andrade, brought to you by Yorkshire-based label Hudd Traxx.

Housed is up first, a midtempo, hip-swayin’ affair with chorused vocal snips and synths that nod towards classic electrofunk/boogie of the early 80s. Inconditional itself follows, a far pacier jazz-house cut that makes me want to revive the word ‘boompty-boomp’, and is followed in turn by The Dragon Shot, an atmospheric late-night ride. Completing the EP is Deep Impact, which has a proggier feel about its bubbling synths… by the end of the track, you could almost be listening to early Orb or System 7.

With a pleasing variety of flavours executed supremely well, this is most definitely one to check.

Out: This week

About: You can find Hudd Traxx on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Matthias Tanzmann – Remixes 2002-2012

November 30, 2012 in Albums

Mattias Tanzmann Remixes 2002-2012 Moon Harbour

DC10 regular Matthias Tanzmann has been providing the world with deep, techy house gems for a whole decade now. And to celebrate the fact, here eight of his finest remixes to date are gathered together in long-playing record album format.

The originals come from (deep breath) Booka Shade, Freestyle Man, Marlow, Luna City Express, Clé, Dash Dude, Michael Melchner and Gamat 3000, but like they say in Airplane!, that’s not important right now… what’s important is me telling you that if you’re after some dancefloor-oriented deep/tech house grooves that are, generally speaking, fairly tuff and percussive but without getting stupid about it, this is a very solid bet indeed.

Which I just did, so job done.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Tanzmann’s own Moon Harbour label, who can be found here, here and here (website, Facebook, Soundcloud).

Psi-Acoustic – Dreams From East

November 29, 2012 in Singles

Psi-Acoustic Dreams From East Deep Movements

Okay, listen up… after tomorrow, TIWWD will be leaving you for a week or so. Just a week or so, though, so don’t get scared. BUT, I’ve got about 37 million things to do before then, and it’s been a crazy week for releases as well* so by no means everything I wanted to get reviewed this week is going to. You have been warned.

This one, though, I had to tell you about. Coming on French label Deep Movements, it’s a quite superb five-track EP that sits somewhere between deep house, deep/dub techno, scratchy lo-fi Ninja-esque funk-hop, ambient/uneasy listening and, well, you decide. Dreams From East Pt 2 is fairly easily classed as dub techno while Morning At Frankfurt Airport is straight-up ambience, but as for the rest, I’d struggle to know what genre pigeonhole to put it in.

I just know that if you’re looking for late-night smoker’s grooves, with at times a slightly unsettling edge, you won’t find much better right now.

Out: This week

About: I don’t think Deep Movements have featured on TIWWD before so, hello French people! You can find out all about ’em on Soundcloud, Facebook or at their own website. Merveilleux.

* Always happens this time of year, with people trying to get stuff out before Xmas

Jack Dixon – 10997 EP

November 29, 2012 in Singles

Jack Dixon 10997 EP Leftroom Ltd

Hot on the heels of label boss Matt Tolfrey’s artist album, here comes the latest from Leftroom, or more specifically Leftroom Ltd.

It’s a four-track affair. Circle is a deep/tech house chugger with intricately programmed drums and a treated male “give it all to me” vocal (at least I think that’s what he’s saying). Hexagon is in a similar vein with even more intricate percussion and more treated vox, while PS Triangle is a more straight-up deep house number with cleaner beats, one that’d be most at home post-club or on afterhours floors. And finally, Square is an atmospheric number with grainy, cinematic synth washes and, yep, those distorted vocals again.
Out: This week
About: You can find Leftroom at their website or on Facebook.

Vilius J – Changes Of Life EP

November 29, 2012 in Singles

Vilius J Changes Of Life EP Quadraphonic Recordings

A three-tracker here from Quadraphonic that’ll appeal to fans of techno and tech-house alike.

There’s three tracks to talk about. Summer Is The Reason is a densely-layered, echo-y tech-house dancefloor roller with proggy overtones, while Synthetic edges closer to out-and-out techno territory. But somewhat perversely, it’s actually dark and scary techno opus Morph that’s earned this its place here today.

Dark, scary techno isn’t usually TIWWD’s favourite genre, as you know, but good music is good music, innit? One to put on when you want to, I dunno, frighten a bunny rabbit or something.

Out: This week

About: You can find Quadraphonic on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Riccardo Russolillo – Let Me Call My Name

November 28, 2012 in Singles

Riccardo Russolillo Let Me Call My Name Four Fingers Hand

Woah… this one came out of nowhere! Usually when you get a full album by an artist/producer you’ve never heard of, it sets alarm bells ringing – it’s often the sign of something self-released and self-indulgent. Not so here, though – this is one of the most impressive debuts I’ve heard for a long time.

Lightly tech-ified deep house is the order of the day, with 10 quite mellow yet still floor-friendly tracks – all instrumental, or all-but instrumental – that are pleasingly devoid of obvious hooks and dramatic breakdowns, instead tending to just get into a groove and then chug and pulse along there nicely. And we all know what less is, don’t we? If you dig deeper imprints such like Fullbarr, Etoka or Lucidflow, you’ll dig this – it’s definitely one ‘4 da headz’, as they say.

But while it’s easy enough to sum up the album in genre terms, it’s harder to find the right words to tell you just how sumptuously produced it all is – or how impressive it is for a first offering. Let’s hope there’s more like this to come because on this evidence, Russolillo is already shaping up to be a serious talent.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Italian label Four Fingers Hand, who can be found on Facebook.

Danic – Walk EP

November 28, 2012 in Singles

Danic Walk EP Deeperfect

And speaking of techno peeps getting their house groove on (see Umek review, below), here Italian label Deeperfect give us what’s one of their housiest offerings to date.

It’s a simple two-track affair. Walk itself is a midtempo cut that chugs along driven by a simple looping bassline and crisp, clean beats, topped with a simple looping keys riff and what appears to be a heavily-treated vocal sample from Walking On Sunshine (the Eddy Grant/Rockers Revenge one, not the Katrina & The Waves one). B-side Locked, meanwhile, operates in that spacious, booming deep/tech vein that’s so popular in big dark rooms in east London and Berlin, and sports ethereal female vocal snips.

Originally a straight-up techno label, Deeperfect long since established its credentials as a provider of tech-house grooves; here, they prove they can do straight-up house music equally well.

Out: This week

About: You can find Deeperfect on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Umek & Mike Vale – My House

November 28, 2012 in Singles

Umek & Mike Vale My House Great Stuff

Long the househead’s favourite techno producer thanks to his funky, loopy take on the genre, Umek has of late reinvented himself as a fully-fledged tech-house purveyor par excellence.

That transformation continues apace with this latest offering, as Umek teams up with fellow Slovenian producer Mike Vale to create a tech-house floor-shaker that leaves you in no doubt, thanks to the endlessly looping “my house” vocal, exactly which side of the equation it leans towards – a head-frying techno synth breakdown five minutes in notwithstanding.

Tech-house of the highest calibre is what we’ve come to expect from Umek, and it’s what he delivers here. It might not do anything massively innovative or clever but it’ll move bodies on the dancefloor without a doubt… which is probably why they stuck to just the one mix!

Out: This week

About: This comes on the mighty Great Stuff, a label who can likewise generally be relied upon!