Feft – Won’t Believe EP

October 30, 2012 in Singles

Feft Won't Believe EP Unrivaled Music

An outstanding EP from Unrivaled Music here with three tracks, two of which operate in out-and-out garage territory.

That’s garage in the proper/old-fashioned sense you understand. Won’t Believe itself works some great NJ organ stabs, skippy beats and the tiniest snips of heavily treated male vocal, while Lost is another killer bump n’ grind cut in the classic vein, somewhat reminiscent of early outings by labels like Confetti or Ice Cream. Rounding out the EP is Tickle, which is more yer typical Unrivaled-style dancefloor deep house, with tons of rump-shakin’ bottom end and a rather rude vocal.

As I said, an outstanding EP, and one that’ll go down particularly well with dancers of ‘a certain age’…

Out: This week

About: Find Unrivaled Music via the Endemic Digital page on Facebook.

Dubesque – Rebote EP

October 30, 2012 in Singles

Dubesque Rebote EP In My House

Some peaktime/big room-friendly but non-cheesy house grooves here courtesy of UK label In My House.

Rebote itself is a tuff but non-dark affair with slammin’ kicks, an insistent, brassy main synth hook and a hip-house-style vocal, while Cuidado is a more relaxed and limber groove with a slightly discofied feel and cut-up fem vox. Rounding out the EP is Bonus Tool #2, a ‘bonus beats’ take on the latter.

Rebote is the one, though – a track that’ll let you reach out to more mainstream floors without losing credibility along the way.

Out: This week

About: They don’t actually seem to have a website of their own but you can get in contact with In My House via the Soulful Edge Promotions website.

Aural Imbalance – Four In Deep EP

October 30, 2012 in Singles

Aural Imbalance Four In The Deep EP Greta Cottage Workshop

The clue’s in the name with this one, really, with four tracks of very deep house courtesy of Aural Imbalance and connoisseur-friendly UK label Greta Cottage Workshop. Given GCW’s track record for uncompromising deepness, and given that the tracks are called things like Ocean Floor and Tranquility Dub, I don’t think I really need to explain any more, do I?

Suffice to say that if your taste in house veers towards the horizontally inclined, you’re gonna love this one. I do!

Out: This week

About: Find Greta Cottage Workshop on Soundcloud or at their own website.

So many tunes, so little time 32

October 29, 2012 in Singles

Spent today climbing a download mountain and haven’t even started in on this week’s reviews pile yet, so it’s just gonna be the ‘best of the rest’ from last week tonight… and here we go…

Andres Gonzalez is up first with Thulut, a four-track EP of quite experimental and very deep house/techno coming on new Argentinean label Euphoria MusicDevid Morrison gives us the Tribaland EP on the mighty Transport Recordings, which as the name suggests is an EP packed with percussion-led house grooves… Evol Ai, AKA Slovenia’s Alun Roposa, gives us La Fu, a two-tracker from the quirkier, leftfield end of nu-disco coming on NangFurniture Crew‘s White Clusters EP on Boogie Basics is also quite quirky and glitchy but this time in deep house kinda way and with a little bit of acid thrown in… Greg Fenton‘s Night Porter EP is well worth checking, a dreamy, instrumental techno/progressive house cut with mixes from Mark Holmes, Joyce Brooke, Nick Hussey and Fenton himself, and comes on Channelled RecordingsHelder Teixeira continues a string of releases with the Endemic camp with the six-track U Must Feel Something EP, which comes on Unrivaled Music and suffice to say the usual high quality standards apply… the Metatronik EP from Hi-Fi Mystery School marks a very welcome first showing for a while on this blog from Amsterdam’s 90watts, and shows the label’s knack of picking winning dancefloor tech-house vibes is in no sign of waning… Intrinity‘s Cityscape on Incepto Music is a bit shiny-happy prog for these ears but not unpleasant all the same… at the other end of the spectrum JP Chronic gives us Picture Of You, a very ‘now’ deep/tech cut in four mixes… Italian label 303 Lovers serve up the Remixes EP from Pleasurekraft, with new rubs of Nostromo and The Main Ingredient… good news for the lovers of classic-style house, as Roland Clark pres Urban Soul‘s 1996 King Street classic Until We Meet Again (not to be confused with the Inner City track of the same name) gets a trio of rather splendid 2012 refixes from my boy Sean McCabe – gotta love that fat b-line… Lowroom give us Habanero by Sacpec, which should suit your jackin’ dancefloor tech-house needs nicely… another house legend, The Timewriter, comes to Sebastian Davidson’s ever-checkable Nightbird Music with the three-track EP Screenland, with Dusty Stone standing out to these ears… while finally on the V/A tip, there’s the Compounds 0.1 Remixes EP on Punch Music, featuring deep techno/tech-house nuggets from Yariv Bernstein, Muzarco and Nir Shoshani in various combinations… and there’s an ADE 2012 Sampler from Italy’s Deeperfect, with three tracks from label boss Stefano Noferini and friends showcasing the label’s tech-house/funky techno style admirably.

With THANKS ALSO this week to: Alessandro D’Avenia, Digital Cassette, Essential Pudding, Johnny Cruz, Juanito, Lokokos, Monitor feat Nicole J, Nik Mechikov, Pach DJ , Paride Saraceni & Dema, Secrets and ZXX


Luis Mollinedo – Storyteller EP

October 28, 2012 in Singles

Luis Mollinedo Storyteller EP Endemic Digital

Another from the ever-reliable Endemic Digital camp here. Yeah, I know, but when I keep getting great tracks sent through, what’s a boy to do?!

It’s a simple two-track job. Storyteller itself lilts along at an unhurried pace, its crisp deep house beats layered with atmospheric synths/FX galore, while Dlov Story is somewhat more ‘epic’ in its construction, starting out all warm and lazy then adding percussion and vocal snips to build towards a dancing-into-dawn finish.

Either will serve as a soundtrack for your journeys nicely, be those journeys deep into the afterhours groove or deep into inner/outer space…

Out: This week

About: Here’s that ever-popular Endemic Digital link again, then…

Nadja Lind – Brain Candy Remixed

October 28, 2012 in Albums

Nadja Lind Brain Candy Remixed Lucidflow

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say.

Regular TIWWD readers will know I’m a big fan of that Klartraum/Lucidflow sound (Nadja being, for the uninitiated, one-half of the former and co-owner of the latter) so when I tell you that here, Ms Lind serves up a whopping 22 remixes of tracks from her outstanding solo album Brain Candy… and that those 22 remixes come from such highly respectable names as Hernan Cattaneo, Sasch BBC & Caspar, Helly Larson, Saytek and Deep Spelle… well then, you know I’m going to tell you that this album is a total must-buy, don’t you?

So then I’m left wondering, “what else can I tell ’em?”. I’m not going through all 22 tracks one-by-one saying “this one’s a bit more dubby” or “this one has tougher kicks” because, y’know, there’s 22 of them. So that only leaves me to point out that if you’re already a fan of the Lind/Klartraum/Lucidflow style of deep, dubby, atmospheric techno then you’ll have no cause to be upset by any of the rerubs here; yet at the same time, between them there’s sufficient stylistic variation to keep the album interesting and to potentially attract a wider audience as well.

But then I would say that, wouldn’t I, being a fan n’ that? So to hell with it… just buy the damn thing. It’s superb, frankly.

Out: This week

About: You can find Lucidflow here, here and here (website/Facebook/Soundcloud)

Byssus & White Perception – So What EP?

October 28, 2012 in Singles

Byssus White Perception Dance Through Life

Some superb heads-down grooves from the deeper and techier ends of the house spectrum here, courtesy of NYC label Dance Through Life.

It’s another of those pesky split affairs, with two tracks from Byssus and two from White Perception. The latter provides the title cut, a bubblin’ terrace-friendly techno cut with tribalistic percussion, and Panic Room, another techno-fied drummy workout, this time topped with atmospheric FX galore for a darker, more sinister ride. From Byssus, meanwhile, we get Deep Lake, an almost archetypal deep house dancefloor stomper with some great orchestral strings rising and falling throughout and a squelchy, slightly acid-y lead synth, and Never Give In, a more funky/garage-y deep house jam to start out that acquires something of a prog accent as it goes on.

But never mind picking the tunes apart sound-by-sound, all you need to know is that all four will rock the proper underground floors for sure.

Out: This week

About: You can find Dance Through Life on Facebook and Soundcloud; you can currently HEAR THIS at the latter.

Andy Lee – What About Us

October 27, 2012 in Singles

Andy Lee What About Us Seamless Deep

If I had to describe the house sound of now (I’m not sure how that might come about, because in my actual real everyday life people are generally telling me to shut up about house music, not asking questions about it. But IF) then phrases like ‘cavernous production’, ‘big synth riffs’, ‘chunky midtempo beats’ and, perhaps most of all, ‘heavily treated/downpitched white male vocals’ would feature heavily.

That east London/Berlin deep/tech sound so beloved of skinny-jeaned hipsters, in other words. Music bought by kids who think house music began with Huxley, Solomun and Maya Jane. There’s a LOT of it about, but to be honest it’s a sound I can take or leave a lot of the time… so often, there’s too much smart-arse studio trickery and not enough in the way of actual soul.

Well, THIS record is very much in the vein mentioned above, but the latter doesn’t apply… this one’s dripping with soul and I’m loving it. Which suggests, to me, that it must be really a very good record indeed. Ha!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Seamless Deep.

And by the way, just to clear: I wasn’t dissing Huxley, Solomun or Maya Jane there! Fine producers all of them. It’s their 1001 imitators I get a bit bored of sometimes…

AKRA – AKRAsounds Vol 2

October 27, 2012 in Singles

AKRA AKRAsounds Vol 2 Teng

A three-track EP here from Nick Woolfson of Mock & Toof, AKA AKRA.

Sonnox is up first, a languid, dreamy affair with something of that ‘laidback deep Balearic prog’ vibe about it. Stir Fried operates in quite different territory, being much more (deep) techno-oriented with all kinds of sinister FX and warbles, while closer Hear To Create stands out for me, a jazzy deep house groove (think Boulevard-era St Germain) sporting one of those self-help tape vocals that are so bafflingly popular… there’s nothing wrong with them, I’m just surprised so many house producers clearly have so many self-help tapes lying around… and some cool wah-wah guitar work.

With three very varied cuts but the quality standard high throughout, this is well worth checking.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Nick’s own fledgling UK label Teng (not to be confused with the Rurals’ Peng imprint), who can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Farley Silvester – Jam Down Beat Down

October 27, 2012 in Singles

Farley Silvester Jam Down Beat Down Paper Recordings

“Acid house survivors” (as they’re dubbed on the hype sheet) Terry Farley and Stretch Silvester come to the mighty Paper Recordings.

What’s surprising about Jam Down Beat Down is the reggae vocal, which is somewhat remiscent of Earl 16… what’s not surprising, given that it’s on Paper, is that it sits somewhere between deep house and nu boogie (though they’re touting it as ‘darkroom garage’) and is really rather good.

There’s just the two mixes to choose from – Original and Dub, and I think I’m slightly preferring the latter. That’s about all I’ve got to say, really, but do check this one.

Out: This week

About: You can find Paper Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.