LGG – Behind The Scenes EP

September 30, 2012 in Singles

LGG Behind The Scenes EP Out Of Bounds

More very deep, late-night vibes here courtesy of young French producer Bastian Carrara, AKA LGG. BTW. TLAs FTW! LOL.

Ahem, where were we? Oh yeah, this rather fine deep house EP right here. FFS…

Proceedings kick-off with EXT12, a very deep house groove in the classic Chi-town vein (think Ron Trent, Moodymann, Larry Heard etc… and yes I know Moodymann’s from Detroit but, y’know). Purple Haze is up next and, given the track title and the fact it opens with the sound of someone taking a big toke and then coughing, you get the idea: this is one for letting the sofa eat you to. And then finally there’s Inside, which is more deep house in the classic vein.

Purple Haze is the standout for me but all three tracks are very fine, rest assured.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Brummie label Out Of Bounds… this is only number three from the label, and I think the first I’ve had through from them. But on this evidence, here’s hoping there’s lots more to come. You can find out more on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Tete Hernandez & Javi Place – Tao

September 30, 2012 in Singles

Tete Hernandez & Javi Place Tao Menomale Records

After our little disco/boogie excursion with Flash Atkins, let’s take it seriously deep now with this tasty little number from Menomale Records.

Tao comes in six mixes, which could variously be filed under deep house, tech-house or deep techno, depending on your point of view on such matters. But I’m not gonna quibble about that tonight… I’m just gonna tell you that all six are very playable, and that the most obvious choices for floor play would be the Original, organ-flecked Fabio Spzz & Mario Conte or techier, bleepier Carlo Galliani rubs, but that the standout for me here is the uber-deep pass from Stefan Cioffi, an awesome piece of late-night, dubby, tech-tinged deep house stonery.

Don’t sleep, as they say. Though with grooves as soporifically enveloping as the Cioffi rub it might be hard not to!

Out: This week

About: You can find Menomale on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Flash Atkins – Did You Forget To Shine?

September 30, 2012 in Singles

Flash Atkins Did You Forget To Shine? Paper Recordings

Deep house and nu-boogie collide on this latest from the mighty Paper Recordings.

In its original form, Did You Forget… is a funk-fuelled, slinky nu-boogie gem in the Crazy P mold. For me, the vocal’s a little too pop-tastic but never fear, cos there’s a Dubstramental on hand which is all about that pulsing synth bassline… if you’ve got Night Dubbin’, Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing or Love & Dancing in your collection this is the mix that’s gonna push your buttons. Then again the lo-slung Jamie L Remix is pretty spiffing in a sleazy, lights-down-low kinda way too. The Havana Candy Mix is, again, a bit too bright and shiny for these ears but again fear not, cos rounding out the EP is the Hot Toddy Mix, which mixes up vintage house flavas (deep, Balearic and acid) for an all-round dancefloor gem.

The beards’ treat of the week!

Out: This week

About: You can find Paper Recordings on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Various – Future Sleaze Vol 2

September 29, 2012 in Albums

Various Future Sleaze Vol 2 Sleazy Deep

Hot on the heels of volume 1, which back in June and which I shamefully never got around to telling you about, here’s a second label comp from the mighty Sleazy Deep.

“Bridging the gap between deep house and nu disco,” is how Sleazy Deep describe their musical ethos and yeah, that’s about the size of it. Kicking off with Adam Banks’ So Confused, which with its pitched-down Colonel Abrams vocal and deep, techy East London chug is about as ‘now’ as it’s possible to be, Future Sleaze Vol 2 crams in a whopping 20 tracks from names both familiar (William Medagli, Patrick Podage, label boss Rob Made) and less so (er, everyone else).

I’m not going into all the tracks one-by-one – it’d take all day. But do be assured there’s plenty of grist for your dancefloor mill here, with the Prince-ish vocal on Medagli’s This Is Amour and Made’s Kariya cover/homage Let Me Love You just two of the highlights.

Out: This has been available since September 10 on Beatport, but is only getting a full worldwide release this week

About: You can find Sleazy Deep on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Reash – Dead Center

September 29, 2012 in Singles

Reash Dead Center Trick Track

Another fledgling label here, with this being just the third release from Trick Track Records, straight outta Den Haag in the Netherlands.

There are three mixes of Dead Center. In its original form, it’s a deep techno groove with a distinctive “all night… feel it… get down” spoken/whispered male vocal sample. The Addo Remix is proggier, with much use made of Italo-style analogue synths, while the James Dax Remix also takes us into prog territory but in a deeper, more end-of-night and to these ears more satisfying fashion. Finally, rounding out the EP is bonus cut Total Control, which starts out as a fairly abstract deep/minimal techno affair before exploding into a soundscape of luxurious ambience and overdriven guitar that’s reminiscent of early System 7.

It’s the original of the title track I’m liking the most but fans of slightly more leftfield electronic vibes will find plenty to enjoy here.

Out: This week

About: You can find Trick Track at their own website, on Facebook or on Soundcloud.

Mystik Mike – Higher Baby

September 29, 2012 in Singles

Mystik Mike Higher Baby Kozmik Hype

Now for some straight-up house music courtesy of Canada’s Kozmik Hype Recordings.

There’s just the two mixes of Higher Baby. In its original form, it’s a vaguely disco-leaning peaktime dancefloor cut, with a rolling funky bassline, space-y synths, luxurious pads, parping sax and echo-ing, garage-y fem vocal snips – Joey Negro would be proud! On the B, the Darren Marshall Remix is a slightly tuffer, dubbier pass, with yet more nods to classic garage in its swung rhythms.

I think Marshall’s rub nudges it for me but both mixes are very playable.

Out: This week

About: This is only the third release from Kozmik Hype, who can be found online at their own website, on Facebook or on Soundcloud.

Steven J AKA Wobblejay – Groove Your World EP

September 29, 2012 in Singles

Steven J AKA Wobblejay Groove Your World EP City Fly

Only the fourth release here from fledgling Leicester-based imprint City Fly Records.

Steven J is better known as a member of Creative Swing Alliance, who had the CSA EP out on City Fly last year. Here, he serves up three original tracks plus a remix of the title cut from Medlar. Groove Your World in its original form is synth-y, contemporary-style deep/tech bizniss, while Let Me Know has a little garage-y swing in its veins and You Got My Time takes us back to the old school with its raw-sounding kicks and vocal samples.

It’s all good, as they say, but the standout for me is Medlar’s refix, a deep, organ-fuelled jam sitting somewhere between deep house and (future) garage. Niceness!

Out: This week

About: You can find City Fly on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Danny Quattro – No More

September 28, 2012 in Singles

Danny Quattro No More Savoir Faire Musique

As with Patrick Podage & Buraq’s A Piece Of Paper EP a couple of weeks back, this is a bit techier than we’ve come to expect from Savoir Faire Musique. But perhaps not as much so as that one was.

In its Original form, No More is a tuff-ish, chuggy affair with one of those very ‘now’, very treated and breathy vocals. But if that doesn’t take your fancy, fear not cos a brace of TIWWD faves do the remix honours in style. Steve McCready AKA Smak takes us into throbbing, loopy and acid-tinged territory with a mix that cries out for dry ice, strobe lights and a basement, while if that’s too techno-leaning for ya then Stanny Abrams’ Late Night Dub is housier, with tribal-ish percussion and new female vocal elements.

Three quite different mixes then, but three solid floor-shakers all the same.

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Facebook and Soundcloud. The producers among you might be particularly interested to read this recent post on the former:

currently looking for demos on a more tougher, techier kinda vibe for our sub label which launches soon…demos to savoirfaireuk@gmail.com

PS Cos I was playing this, Quattro’s previous offering Contact just came on after, the Lee Pennington Mix to be precise. I’d forgotten quite how good it was. So there’s another one to check out if you didn’t before.

Takasi Nakajima & Maarten Mittendorff – Circulate EP

September 28, 2012 in Singles

Takasi Nakajima Maarten Mittendorff Circulate EP Restructured

We continue the Japanese connection here, with this two-tracker from probably the hardest-to-spell duo in the history of the world.

Again there’s just the two mixes. In its Original form, Circulate is a dark, driving and chunky affair, sitting right on the house/techno border and scattered liberally with live piano and sampled string downsweeps, the overall effect making me want to get the word ‘Garnier-esque’ down from the top shelf where I’ve put it out of reach to stop myself using it too much. But no, I really mustn’t. Anyway over on the B, the Ian O’Donovan refix is in a deeper, darker vein still.

But only slightly so, I should add. There’s not a lot in it really, and either mix will do you proud if/when you need a peaktime, energetic, crescendo kinda track without sullying your set with the over-obvious.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Toronto-based techno imprint Restructured.

Tony Lionni – Loving You EP

September 28, 2012 in Singles

Tony Lionni Loving You EP Apt International

Some house now from the contemporary end of the spectrum courtesy of Tony Lionni and Japanese label Apt. International*.

There are three tracks making up the EP. Loving You itself is an interesting fusion: with rave-y piano/synths, garage-y male vox and bang-up-to-date kicks, it manages to sound like 1992 and 2012 same time. Afterhours starts out throbbing, proggy and heads-down then builds with Detroitian string stabs, and then finally Anubis is seriously deep, dark and pulsating and equally well served on the most mangled of very late floors, or in the comfort of your own headphones.

If you’re after some now-sounding house that’s still got a sense of history, this will serve you well.

Out: This week

About: You can find Apt. International on Soundcloud or at the New World Records website.

*Don’t ask me how the whole Apt. International/Tokyo House Underrground thing works, by the way, in case you’re looking at the cover. I’m as confused as you are. More so, probably.