Various – Full Circle EP

July 31, 2012 in Singles

Various Full Circle EP 5 And Dime

A five-track EP of deep grooviness here from the ever-reliable 5 And Dime stable. Actually, I say five-track but now I come to look it seems only three have downloaded – don’t remember that happening.  I’ll just have to tell you about the three I’ve got…

So, Quin’s You Are It is a dark, moody, slow-paced affair in its Ben A Remix form, a track that owes as much to deep techno as it does to deep house. The same track, as remixed by Maxim Laskavy & Derek Turcios, becomes a dubbed-out deep house workout bordering on chill-out territory, while finally (for me) label stalwart Zach DeVincent’s Cabrillo Hwy is a somewhat more uptempo number, but still one aimed fair and square at lovers of the deep… especially lovers of the ‘deep with a little bit of prog around the edges’.

Obviously I can’t tell you what the other two are like but on the evidence of these three tracks, plus the fact that this fledgling label really haven’t put a foot wrong so far, you’re unlikely to be disappointed!

Out: This week

About: You can find 5 And Dime at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud.

House of Stank – Make U Jack 2012

July 31, 2012 in Singles

House Of Stank Make U Jack 2012 Get Up Recordings

In which House of Stank’s 2008 Dust Traxx offering gets another run-out with new mixes from Inland Knights, Manny Ward and HoS themselves.

Also included are the original mix plus the original set of re-rubs from Ron Carroll, The Connection and Santiago & Bushido, making a whopping seven mixes in total. And with a remix line-up like that, and a title like Make U Jack – which does pretty well sum up what this track’s all about – it’s hard to imagine any decent house DJ not finding something to play here. I’m not gonna go into all seven mixes individually – I’ve got a cold and a headache and couldn’t really claim to be in the mood – but the IKs rub and HoS’s own refix stand out for me. Like I said though, you can’t really go wrong with this package.

Remember: “There’s only one track that’ll make you jack, one groove that’ll make you move, and that’s house”!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Get Up Recordings, HoS’s own, US-based label. They’re just eight releases old but have already put out material by the heavy-hitting likes of Tedd Patterson and Honey Dijon… and here‘s where to find them if you want to know more.

DJ competition: Northern Foundation

July 31, 2012 in Singles

Northern Foundation is a new DJ/artist management agency coming from the same stable as 3am Recordings and Midnight Social Recordings. They’ve got a DJ competition going on and have asked if I’d tell you about it… so I am.

Here’s what they have to say:

How would you like your mix to be featured on the Northern Foundation Agency radio show, exclusively on September the 6th? Not only would the mix be broadcast via Tunnel FM, a leading web radio station for dance music but it’ll also feature on the Northern Foundation Home page, Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Facebook page giving you wide exposure to the listening world. Just in case that’s not enough the winner will also receive £50 credit to spend on Beatport!

Simply send an email to  and you’ll receive details for the competition along with the download link for the 10 free tracks. If you want to spice your mixes up with any Acapellas, Loops or other stuff, feel free to add what you like – just remember to use at least 5 of the free tracks, the rest is up to you!

Northern Foundation is a Leeds, UK based agency focusing on quality house music, which represents some of the most respected labels & DJs in the scene including Rob Small (TUG), Al Bradley (3am) Carlo Gambino (Midnight Social), Adam Collins (Euphoria) and RJ Fletcher (Tact) to name a few. The winning mix will also be sent to our database of over 2000 people, giving you huge exposure amongst house music fans, labels, DJs & promoters alike.

Good luck if you decide to give it a whirl!

So many tunes, so little time 24

July 30, 2012 in Singles

Time once again for our weekly round-up of the best of the rest of last week’s releases…

In alphabetical order, then, Adrian Izquierdo & Tato Ruiz serve up Oxygen, typicically chuggy tech-house fare on Southpark Records coming complete with a deeper, spaced-out remix from Thomas T… Deep Character & Mad Boss give us the Various Concepts EP on Nite Grooves, a seven-tracker covering various shades of deepness with Open Your Eyes my pick of the four cuts promo’d…  the latest from Form-and Function is the From The South EP, featuring four tracks of deep/tech goodness in the east London style from Deepmilo… New York’s Dance Through Life give us George Absent & Valano‘s I Don’t Need You EP, home to four very playable deep house cutz… French label Deep Movements is behind Le Prestige from Lyons-based J Dovy, one for the lovers of Afro-tinged house grooves… moving into techno pastures, Maximus Bellini‘s Arena comes on Greek label Sabotage Records and has pleasing house-y/disco-y overtones… Slim by Necaa is a very solid tech-house offering from Germany’s Agora Audio in three mixes, with label boss Erich Bogatzky’s standing out for me… new from the ever-checkable Snatch! Records comes Technique by Prince Club & Poupon, a decent enough slab of contemporary-sounding deep/tech house but one that to these ears is bettered by its own B-side, The Block being an upbeat, organ-fuelled houser making great use of a very familiar soul vocal… Raoul French‘s Bad Girl EP on MUM features two tracks of Afro/tribal-tinged tech house… Collector, an EP from Ukrainian producer Schelmanoff , features seven varied tracks ranging from minimal to prog to ambient but is certainly worth exploring, and comes on THT Music… a true rave classic, Living In Darkness by Top Buzz, gets a 2012 makeover courtesy of Sam Dungate on Influential House, though surprisingly he’s concentrated on the trumpet fanfare and ditched that bassline… Tuccillo‘s House 19 EP is only the second release on the fledgling Holic Trax imprint, featuring four experimental-sounding tech-house cuts, among which Eyes Sky stands out… and then finally we come to a couple of V/A eps, with the Rusted Box Remixes EP from Israel’s Rusted Records home to some fine bouncy tech-house grooves from Christian Cambas, Roy RosenfelD and others while Tactics Volume 1 comes from another newbie label (this is their fourth release), Tact Recordings, and features three experimental/leftfield-leaning tech-house cuts from Isherwood, Luke Black and Per Bojsen-Moller.

With THANKS ALSO to: Bunni Splanchnik, Dandi & Ugo, Fabio Tosti, Glitter, Mafu Nakyfu, Riera & Limebomb, Simon Bryant, Stephan J Kroos, Thomas Durrani, Tomcraft and Visitor Seven.

Pete Dafeet – Freeze

July 30, 2012 in Singles

Pete Dafeet Freeze Lost My Dog Gonna do last week’s ‘best of the rest’ round-up later on but it takes a while, so first let’s have a listen to this latest from Lost My Dog main man Pete Dafeet…

There are three mixes of Freeze, plus bonus cuts Grit Your Teeth and Mistakes. In its original form, Freeze is a big, dancefloor-oriented house cut packed with old-skool bass and piano sounds. The Shades Of Gray remix is a little more electronic-sounding and adds hip house-style male vox, but it’s the more stripped n’ jacking Murat Kilic Remix that I’m feeling most, I think. As for the other two, Mistakes is another bouncy cut with spoken vocal snips and more nods to vintage Chi-town, while Grit Your Teeth continues in a similar vein.

Or, generally speaking, you could just say that… dis is summa dat gud tracky shiznit, yagetmi?


Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud. Oh yeah, and in fairness to Ian and Naj I should point out that Pete is only ONE of the LMD main men!

Kyka – Worry EP

July 27, 2012 in Singles

Kyka Worry EP Channelled Recordings

Last one now before TIWWD heads off to Camp Bestival for the weekend…

Kyka is Estonian producer Jurgen Parnsalu, and here he serves up three tracks for Channelled Recordings. My Bad starts out deep, then turns acidic, then goes a bit proggy in the middle, so should appeal to a wide variety of house lovers! Two Worlds is more yer straight-up late night deep affair, with snippets of garage-y fem vox, and then finally there’s Worry itself, a truly soul-infused deep houser reminiscent of the classic west coast sound.

A very classy release indeed from this up-and-coming, Manchester-based label.

Out: This week

About: Find out more at the Channelled Recordings Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

Fideles feat Bradsucks – Get Your Fable

July 27, 2012 in Singles

Fideles feat Bradsucks Get Your Fable Zouch Records

The first release here from a brand new label, Zouch Records. Run by Chris Ward, also of K9 Records, the label’s purpose in life is “to cater for house music of the deeper and nu-disco variety”, in Chris’s own words.

In its original form, Get Your Fable is a mid-paced house/nu-disco groove with a throbbing bass riff as the key musical element, and an indie-ish male vocal from Bradsucks that couldn’t sound much more Underworld if it tried! If you hear it – and I’ve got a feeling you might be hearing this quite a bit – it’s the one that goes “you make me sick”.

The Della Zouch remix is slightly more spaced-out and twisted, but only slightly… if you really want to head off into that spangled 5am afterhours zone then the Heston Dawg Remix with its pitched-down vocal is the place to head.

A dub might not’ve gone amiss but this is a strong first release for the label all the same. And apparently it’s getting played by DJs as diverse as M.A.N.D.Y, Laura Jones, Horse Meat Disco and Slab already…

Out: This week

About: You can find Zouch on Facebook and Soundcloud. And look out for the label’s second single, which is coming very soon from Heston.

FREE EP Toob – Chop House Vol 2

July 27, 2012 in Singles

Here’s another one I was meant to tell you about last week but didn’t manage to get around to. But better late than never, eh? What we have here, then, are four tracks of forward-thinking house/techno for your free downloading pleasure courtesy of Jakeone and Rich Thair, AKA Toob.

As the player’s right there I won’t bother describing them in detail, so instead here’s Toob have to say about themselves:

Jakeone and Rich Thair have been making music together as Toob since the murky mid-2000s, clocking up two albums (on Lo Recordings and Process Recordings), three EPs, seven 12″s, one 7″ and a handful of remixes. All this has led to gigs across the UK, Europe and Russia, and a fan base reaching even further.

As well as Toob they keep themselves consistently busy with alternative ventures – other bands, soundtracks for American cop shows, helping run East London recording studios and realising sound art projects, to name a few. Now Toob are putting this passion into the launch of their own blog and a series of free digital EPs, collectively titled ‘Chop House’.

And now we’ve got that sorted… here’s the EP!

More info:

Martin Brodin – Humming Bird

July 27, 2012 in Singles

Martin Brodin Humming Bird MB Disco

Time for some nu-disco action now, courtesy of Martin Brodin and his MB Disco label.

There are three mixes of Humming Bird. The original builds slowly with an Italo-style bassline and “ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” female vox, the Kasper Bjorje Remix is slightly more shiny and contemporary-sounding while the Discolog Remix adds some tinkling piano.

Whichever mix you go for – and to be honest they don’t vary hugely – this is a very solid bet for your disco floor.

Out: This week

About: Martin Brodin, you may recall, used to run Swedish deep house label Deeplay, but these days he’s all about the disco vibes. You’ll find MB Disco on Soundcloud and Facebook.

John Diloo & Dimi Wilson – 3 Dots EP

July 26, 2012 in Singles

John Diloo & Dimi Wilson 3 Dots EP Savoir Faire Musique

I was gonna stop at the Nick Harris review tonight, but then this came on next and it really is very good indeed…

As you’ll know I’m a bit of a fan of Savoir Faire and their take on deep house music. It’s classically-informed without descending into mere pastiche, and now-sounding without feeling the need to slavishly follow the whims of musical fashion. And, well, yeah, so it is here, basically. Two mixes of 3 Dots itself (original plus a Dual T Remix), one of Stolen Chief, and all three are as fine examples of straight-up deep house 2012-stylee as I’ve heard all week.
All I’ve got to say, really.
Out: This week
About: Savoir Faire Musique can be found on Soundcloud or at label boss Scott Harrington’s Facebook page.