Onur Ozman – Tyrannic EP

January 31, 2012 in Singles

Sticking with the deep vibes, we’ve not had anything on here from our friends at Acryl Music for a bit I don’t think, so let’s rectify that right now and discuss this latest from Turkish/German wunderkind Onur Ozman.

The Tyrannic EP sees young Mr Ozman exploring some of his most out-there pastures yet on the title track Tyrannic itself, a meandering affair with lots of glitchy sounds like alarm clocks and… er… other things. One for when you’re in a leftfield kinda mood. On Change, by way of contrast, he serves up what sounds like a homage to house music à la Strictly Rhythm circa 1991, with raw old skool drums, bags of space in the production and some cute jazzy touches… niceness! And then only on Capricorn Day are we back on more familiar, contemporary-sounding deep/tech house ground – this sparse, chugging affair has Berlin written all over it, yet also has enough funk/soul in its veins to suit the more diehard traditionalists.

Change would be my pick but all told you’ve got three very different-sounding tracks that all do their jobs very well indeed.
Out: This week
About: Switzerland’s Acryl Music has long been a favourite of this reviewer… hit up their website or Facebook to find out more

Dave James – Back To My Deep 2012

January 31, 2012 in Singles

If you’ve been hearing any of the string of superlative remixes that Mr James has been turning out of late, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. Very deep, dubby house and techno is his stock-in-trade, and here on a rare outing as an artist/producer (as opposed to remixer) he serves up two fine cuts of just that.

Back To My Deep itself sits on the housier side of the fence, and is a sparse, moody organ-led groove that’s nonetheless full of sonic warmth… not to mention some cool analogue synth wobbles. Seriously good late-night tackle. On flipside No Man’s Land, meanwhile, we venture into just-slightly techier territories… but without doing anything drastic like actually getting off the sofa, you understand!
Sheer quality deep, deep house music, for those that know. Highly recommended!
Out: This week
About: This comes on Unrivaled Music, who’ve also been the label where many of those aforesaid remixes were given life.

So many tunes, so little time 6 – part 2

January 30, 2012 in Singles

Because I promised it… and because there are some proper gems here that deserve a mention… and because NONE OF THESE RECORDS ARE MORE THAN 14 DAYS OLD, damn it, so enough with the ‘resolutely upfront’ shit already… here are some bits and bobs from the week before last. I’ll be quicker this time, and I guess you can always file ’em under ‘oldies but goodies’ if you must…

Acos CoolKas feat Nata Tomata
Don’t Fly Away EP
Sumptuous slo-mo/nu-disco/downtempo vibes on the Original and Maneken mixes… then that boy Jimpster steps in to house things up. Nicely done.
Rollin’ EP
Rollin’ by name, rollin’ by nature, as NYC’s B.Cliff serves some jaunty tech-house vibes for your dancin’ pleasure. Five solid tracks but the BNZO Remix of Rollin’ in particular is, er, rockin’!
Dima Sinclair
SinclaDizko EP
Typically driving, proggy grooves from Eternal Music here, but infused with elements of nu-disco on Tokyo Dizko, while on Whisky Bar moves more fully into glitterball territory and is definitely worth checking out for yourself.
Garage Loop
This doesn’t have a lot to do with garage, despite the name. What you get instead are three very solid cuts in a leftfield-ish house kinda vein, Club Cuts busting a pleasing combo of trad-style vocal loop with tuff, techy beats while Sleeping Raver makes surprising but effective use of a hoover sound…

Luke Gibson
Don’t Talk EP
Coming on Carlo Gambino’s promising new Leeds-based imprint Midnight Social Recordings, here’s some proper bumpin’ deep house for your dancefloor. With five varied and playable mixes, it really deserved a bigger (and timelier) write-up than this – particularly the RJ Fletcher rub of Mello Daze. Sorry Carlo!
Omar El Gamal
Plan 100 EP
Some tuff, driving tech-house – bordering on techno – courtesy of Essex stalwarts Hype Muzik (part of the Stripped Digital stable).
Overcast Sound
Popoloco EP
And, for a complete change of pace, some ultra-laidback vibes here from the ever-experimental, ever-checkable Falk, who are based just down the road from TIWWD in Bath. They’re calling it ‘deep, hypnotic dub techno’, and who are we to argue?
Rasadon Ramzees
Life Is Beautiful
Two startlingly different mixes on this offering from Zipped Records. We’ll pass swiftly over Atomikk Pulse’s tech-trance take, though, and head for the Rene Beer Remix, a lovely piece of slo-mo/downtempo bizniss infused with a dub sensibility.
Roc & Presta
Dance And Sing
…get up and do your thing! Insistent party-starting female vocal loops over what SWEARS it isn’t a Stardust loop, but sounds like a heck of a lot like one. Dancing almost certainly ensues, one would imagine.
Umek & Stefano Noferini
Goes On
And finally, we end our catch-up session with this rollicking disco-techno slab from two heavyweights of the European techno scene. You’ll move to this even if you’re normally allergic to harder sounds, methinks.

So many tunes, so little time 6

January 30, 2012 in Singles

Time for a round-up of some other nice bits and pieces that have come TIWWD’s way of late, kicking off with the ‘best of the rest’ from last week…

Blaze & Ultra Nate

A Wonderful Place
Actually credited to Blaze presents Underground Dance Artists United For Life feat Ultra Nate, but I couldn’t be bothered typing all that. Ha ha. Anyway, this is a treat for the soulful lovers in the four mixes promo’d by Sean McCabe, while Tomo Pigeon’s Dub takes Ultra into darker, techier territories than we’re used to finding her in. What the not-promo’d Fanatix mix sounds like, I can only guess… Neil and Aaron, where’s the love, boys, where IS the love?More info

Hennings Project ft Nixon
Do You Believe It
Seamless have regrouped into Seamless Soul, Seamless Deep and Seamless Traxx. This is the first release under the Seamless Soul banner, and another full-vocal treat for the trad lovers. Remixes from Ricky Inch and Frankie Feliciano merely seal the deal.

Jay Lumen
Can You Dance
On this surface, this is a fairly hard tech-houser that doesn’t do a lot other such tracks don’t… until the very familiar vocal sample comes in (hint: we’ve already mentioned its originators in this very post). A brave move, but it works. Flip The Drummer is a slightly funkier, more rolling take on a similar sound.
Greg Fenton
Sticking with the harder sounds, here are two solid cuts from my newest Facebook friend Mr Fenton. 1303 is perhaps a bit too out-and-out techno for TIWWD’s purposes but Alarm should work on the tech-house floors, having a tad more swing in its veins.
Platform Vol 2
The second installment of 1605 Music Therapy’s new sampler series is much harder and more full-on techno-tastic than the first, but Farrel 8’s Phunktion might be one for the more headstrong tech-house jocks. Might, I said.
Behind The Line
We come back into housier territories now… well, on the Justin Steel, Lucas Tesselhof and Ben Coda mixes we do, while the Original and Wade Bennett rubs are more suited to techno floors. Tesselhof’s big-basslined rub is my pick.
More info (look under Endemic)
Just 2
Moyo/Perfect Groove
Finally from last week, here’s another perfectly serviceable slab of tech-house courtesy of this Romanian duo and Southpark Recordings. For house lovers, the Dave Martins & Alex Pro Remix is probably the best bet.
Coming up: some bits n’ bobs from the week before that are LONG overdue some props…

Randal Soeung – What It’s For

January 29, 2012 in Singles

More top-drawer deep house courtesy of a producer from Arkansas and, on remix duties, the UK’s very own Jesus Pablo.

The Original of What It’s For sits right on the deep/prog borderline with its crunchy kicks, extended atmospheric breakdown and big, surging bassline. It’s good stuff… but Pablo’s remix is even better, as he eschews the blissed-out, terrace vibe and heads instead down a much jauntier path, armed only with some truly tinkling old-skool pianos. And when I say ‘only’, I mean very nearly only, with just some sparkling drums and an obscenely fat b-line for company…
In other words, it’s a proper househead’s delight…
Out: This week
About: This comes on San Francisco’s Headset Recordings. Find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud, or their blog.

Various – Bounce House Winter Sampler Vol 2

January 29, 2012 in Singles

God bless Bounce House and their uncanny knack of coming up with the bumpin’ dancefloor deep house goods every time! There are three tracks in a total of five mixes here, and like Errol once sang, every one’s a winner, baby…

First, you have two rubs of Andrey Slam’s Shut The Funk Up. This is a fairly traditional disco-fuelled left coast house romper in its Original form, while a 420 Ceis Rebang ups the jerky/spastic factor turn it into a more jackin’, Sneak-y workout. Next up is label co-owner DK Watts with This Weekend. The Breakin’ Up Mix here is a lo-slung and funked-up to the max dancefloor cut in the SBKs vein, with some Hammond (?) stabs to die for, while the In The House Mix has the more driving 4/4s and general drifty feel to make it perfectly suited for small/after hours play. And finally This Beat Is Hot, also from DK, is an exercise in big kicks, analogue synth fribbles and floaty, disembodied vocals.
Vital stuff from a vital label, nuff said!
Out: This week
About: Here’s where you can find Bounce House online.

City Soul Project – Future Retro EP

January 29, 2012 in Singles

Something of a collision of UK deep house heavyweights here, as City Soul Project come to 3am and Howard Sessions, Rob Small and Al Bradley get on the remix tip.

In its Original form, lead track How We Used To Do It is typical of the kind of sultry, top-quality late-night deep house we’ve come to expect from this pair, starting out with big spacey chords and crisp 4/4s before building into a jazz-tinged keyboard workout aided by a fat b-line and the occasional space disco stab. Howard & Al’s Lip Service Remix then strips the track right down into a proper sparse throbber for the deepest of floors, while Rob heads in the opposite direction, tuffening up the beats a little in a way that could help this reach out to the tech-heads.
Three quite different mixes, then, but all will suit their purpose to a T. Throw in bonus cut 1984, a fairly self-explanatory nu-disco/electrofunk squelcher, and you’ve got an EP that’s really something of a must-have. Go seek.
Out: This week
About: You can find 3am Recordings on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Noon – Don’t Be Rude

January 29, 2012 in Singles

If you like your deep house a little on the leftfield/quirky side, then this latest offering from SFX Recordings should suit your needs nicely.

Don’t Be Rude comes in just two mixes, the original and an Olivier A Remix. The original is a chuggy and driving piece of dancefloor tech-house, with rolling beats, some lovely warm chords and a very distinctive vocal sample (“Oh! Here’s to you/don’t be rude/leave the room”) – albeit the latter is used quite sparingly.

It’s on the Olivier A Remix that the vocal really comes into its own, where it’s looped more extensively, along with a snatch of what appears to be Steve Jobs talking and some “come on!” vocal stabs, atop a more skippy, stuttery deep house cut. Microbursts of jazz piano then add the musical touches to what is almost the perfect deep-in-the-zone groover for very, very late nights.
Super stuff – more, please!
Out: This week
About: SFX Recordings is Noon’s own label and they’re based in Paris*. You can find them on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.
*Which is interesting cos this reminds me somewhat of one of my own secret bullets from about ten years ago and that was French as well. But I’m not telling you what it is, so there… a boy has to have some secrets

Owen Howells – Zipped Up EP

January 29, 2012 in Singles

Fans of deep/glitchy/minimal techno step right this way, as Owen Howells serves up this three-tracker for Zipped Records.

I’ll be honest and say the Stanky Remix of Deptford isn’t for me – too glitchy by half I’m afraid. But never mind, because you also get Bam, which somehow manages to infuse its spastic techno rhythms and disconcerting (backwards?) vocal samples with something of the spirit of classic b-boy electro. And more importantly, you also get It’s All Kicked Off Now.
Easily overlooked if you don’t give it a chance to linger, the latter turns out to be as fine a piece of sparse, dubbed-out deep techno as you’ll hear this week. Skin up, sit back and enjoy…
Out: This week
About: You can find Zipped Records on Facebook, and you can currently HEAR THIS on their Soundcloud page

Shades Of Grey – Soul Machine

January 28, 2012 in Albums

In contrast to the Dominic Martin LP reviewed below, Soul Machine from Shades Of Grey is an album that will perhaps have slightly broader appeal in the current climate, its techier approach to deep house being a little more in keeping with current musical trends.

That said, they’ve called it Soul Machine for a reason, and while a little techier than Family Affair it’s certainly no ketamine-addled exercise in proggy post-minimalism. Highlights for this reviewer include the big room tech-soul of Midnight Lover (featuring a male vocal from Beckford), the pleasingly Chicago-ish First Kontakt, the throbbing, Balearically-inclined No Interruptions with its sampled Celeda vocal (yeah, you know… the one about the London Tube network, tee hee) and the appropriately old skool Lost In The Past.
S’cool… but wait, there’s more! Because on CD2 you get the same 11 tracks remixed, with Peter Horrevorts, Soul Minority and The Timewriter probably the best known of the names taking care of business. And to these ears it’s here that some of the deal-makers can be found. The more downtempo opener (and title track, obviously) Soul Machine really comes into its own when given a serious injection of low-end squelch by Eric Volta, while Horrevorts’ rub of Back To The Future brings the funky party vibes as well as what may or may not be a Brass Construction sample. But the absolute killer is the Soul Minority Remix of Lost In The Past, which makes excellent, smile-inducing use of a vocal sample made famous by one J. Vasquez.
You do have to dig about a little bit, but there are enough gems here to make this worth checking for sure.
Out: Last week but the CD got mixed up with a pile of paperwork in the other room y’see and… well, I’m a bit rubbish, what can I say?
About: This comes on Beef Records, which is Shades Of Grey’s own label… here’s their website, MySpace and Facebook pages. You can also check out their podcast. Shades Of Grey themselves, I should probably also tell you, are an Australian-based duo consisting of Oz native Nick West and Czech national Michel Schwa.