Francesco Tarantini – Mind Tracks EP

November 26, 2011 in Singles

A six-track EP from Italy’s Francesco Tarantini here, coming on the mighty Nite Grooves. Nite Grooves has always, of course, been King Street’s home for the jackin’, tracky shiznit and this EP is no exception!

In fact, I’d say Nite Grooves is pretty much the perfect home for this release, because across its six tracks it bridges the gap nicely between traditional NYC house (as you’d find on King Street) and more contemporary, techy European vibes (as you’d find on Street King). If it’s tuff, no-nonsense heads-down deep/tech house for the dancefloor you’re after then head for The Flow or Put Your Sunglasses on. If you want a little more of a Wave Music/Body & Soul-style ethno-infused vibe then check No Solution or Amazon, while finally the Eric Power B Remix of The Flow adds a few good-time disco tinges and The Great is an uncompromising slab of raw machine soul.
Admittedly I’m not so into the two Afro-y cuts myself but that’s purely a matter of personal taste… this is nonetheless a very strong EP all round.
Out: This week
About: For more info on one of house music’s longest-running and most-respected imprints, click here.

Phonic Funk – Dreaming Of You

November 26, 2011 in Singles

First release on here for a while from Nightbird – we lost touch for a little while when my old iDJ email stopped working but it’s sorted now – and I’m pleased to be able to report the French label hasn’t lost its… knack (I nearly said ‘touch’ but I won’t, for obvious reasons!)

Dreaming Of You is, for the first 3.45 or so of its life, a simple chugging deep/tech-house groove… before a big analogue synth crescendo sweeps everything away before it and the track drops away into a few moments of hands-in-the-air beatless bliss. And then in comes this trumpet… before we’re back, now fully refreshed and energised, into the chuggery again. If you thought deep house couldn’t do dancefloor drama, or if you thought you couldn’t do big proggy breakdowns in a jazzy kinda way, think again! Awesome stuff.
And that’s not all. Daniel Kyo’s mix is even more dramatic, with a big, slow-building bottom-end that’s positively hair-raising and more than a hint of The Man With The Red Face about the whole affair, while bonus cut Trapped (no relation to the Col Abrams classic) lightens the mood a little with some classic deep-but-uplifting house flavas.
Blending elements of prog, deep and tech house, this is, quite simply, a superb EP.
Out: This week
About: In one of the last-ever issues of iDJ, I named Sebastian Davidson’s Nightbird as one of THE best deep house labels around. On this evidence, I see no reason to revise or retract that judgement at all! Find out more about ’em here

Onoff – Brown EP

November 26, 2011 in Singles

Our second of the week from Angel Alanis and Steve Parker’s Home Audio Recordings label… but when a label’s on a roll, who am I to hold them back?

The four-track EP kicks off with Sorte Amplificada, a fairly uptempo rollin’ house groove with subtle female vocal elements that’s credited to Onoff Vs Tambor. All well and good, but it’s when we go a little bit deeper that things get really interesting. Wednesday Night is a deep purist’s delight with a proto-garage flavour that’s not, in fact, hugely dissimilar from the Sleazy McQueen release below, Disco Fever is in a similar vein just a little more uptempo and with a few more dancefloor peaks and troughs, while finally Umbrella is a proper heads-down dancefloor workout for the deep floors with woodblock percussion, female ‘ohs’ buried deep in the mix, some snatches of preacherman vocal and – most importantly – some Jersey-style organs to die for.
Proper heads’ bizniss and no mistake, guv’nor
Out: This week
About: Visit Home Audio online on Facebook, on Soundcloud and at their own blog.

Sleazy McQueen – Reconnect EP

November 26, 2011 in Singles

Don’t seem to have had as much nu-disco on here lately, but here’s good ol’ Sleazy McQueen keeping the flame alive…

Rollin’ Me By is meandering, languid groove based around a lo-slung bassline, while Under My Spell is an even slower affair with elements of both cosmic disco and late 70s/early 80s NYC punk-funk and would surely make the perfect mixtape coda.

But the standout for me here is We Need To Reconnect, that kicks off with a sleazy (if you’ll pardon the pun) electrofunk bass n’ handclaps intro before some joyously old-school house pianos join the party. This one could have come out on Easy Street circa 1983/4, no problem at all… if your vinyl collection includes any of those classic Garage Trax or Garage Sound of Deepest New York comps then you need this in your life, believe!

Out: This week
About: This comes atcha on the mighty Paper Recordings, and you can HEAR all the tracks on their Soundcloud page

Adam Coley – Detroit Scene

November 24, 2011 in Singles

I mentioned at the start of the week there were a couple to come from the Endemic stable. Well, here’s the next one, and it’s a corker…

Detroit Scene features a sampled, spoken vocal (which appears to be AN Other producer talking about how he got into making music. though I couldn’t tell you who it is) and comes in three mixes. The mix I’m feeling the most is the Original, which is kind of reminiscent of early UK garage what with its vocal snips, insistent snares, subtle jazz b-line, and overall skippy feel. But Lee Daines’ slo-mo/Leftroom-ish mix and a darkly groove tech-house rub from Adam Clark are both pretty damn good also.

Making this something of a must-check. So check it!
Out: This week
About: This is on Unrivaled Music, which is generally the housiest label in the Endemic portfolio, as if you hadn’t twigged that for yourself by now…

Lorenzo Marrucci – Different Tastes EP

November 24, 2011 in Singles

The fifth release from Angel Alanis and Steve Parker’s Home Audio Recordings is an EP from Italy’s Lorenzo Marrucci, who you’d never believe was a mere 21 years old judging by the quality and maturity of the music. But tis true.

Deep Tool is a simple deep, drifty late-night groove, featuring speech samples from what sounds like an interview with a movie or rock star talking about cars, women and, er, tax avoidance. It’s cool, but it’s the Bigi & Laurentiu Remix I’m feeling more, an altogether more rolling and funky affair. On the B, House Sweet House is a similarly rolling and funky instrumental in a ‘dancefloor deep’ kinda vein, and then the EP comes to a close with Looking Out, a deep, tech-y and most decidedly groovy houser with more sampled speech (this time from an interview with a stuntman, or so it would seem).

Okay, so perhaps there’s nothing hugely groundbreaking or mindblowing going on… but to get four tracks this good and this varied from such a young producer is truly a rarity. Keep an eye on this fella.
Out: This week
About: As stated this is on Home Audio Recordings, who are based (of course) in Chicago. You can find ’em on Facebook, Soundcloud and their own blog.

Dave Martins – Deep Control EP

November 23, 2011 in Singles

With four mixes in total of two tracks, Deep Control and Deep Station, the clue’s kind of in the name for this latest from Jesus Pablo and Di Rivera’s Something Different label.

By sheer coincidence (cos I hadn’t really noticed until just now, I was just taking things in alphabetical order) Dave Martins also hails from Switzerland (see Da Funk review below). Co-owner of Southpark Records – who’ve also featured on here before now – his particular take on deep house is from the techier end of the spectrum, and he’s not afraid to get in a groove and stay there! I’m liking both tracks but Deep Station just edges it for me, the speech samples (of an old radio announcement) giving the track a little more texture.

Remix-wise, Desos takes Deep Control into slightly more ominous and brooding deep techno territory, while Sweden’s Thomas Durrani sprinkles some disco dust over Deep Station and transforms it into the one mix here you might get away with playing to a less specialist floor (but without, I hasten to add, going cheesy or obvious in any way).
All told, a solid bet with four very playable tracks. It’s an EP for the purists rather than the mass market for sure… but since when was that ever a bad thing?
Out: This week
About: Something Different sum up their ethos as “releasing music on a deep, tech and groovy tip for dancefloors worldwide”. Amen to that! Find ’em online here

Da Funk – Words To Say EP

November 23, 2011 in Singles

Da Funk, AKA Daniel Kneubühler, takes time out from running Acryl Music to deliver a three-tracker for the legendary i! Records.

Words To Say itself is a drifty cut for late dancefloors or afterhours listening, sitting right on the deep/prog border and featuring pads that go on forever. Humpin’ The Boonies is a more rousing, floor-oriented affair, while What’s Up takes a more cinematic approach, like a late-night ride through a dystopian future citycape.

All three are well worth checking. Keep ’em coming Daniel!
Out: This week
About: i! Records’ main online home these days seems to be their Facebook page. For more info on Da Funk and Acryl, meanwhile, visit their website, Facebook or Soundcloud pages

Martijn – Party People EP

November 22, 2011 in Singles

After our little jaunt into downtempo pop territory we’re back on more familiar ground here, with this four-track EP from northeastern wunderkind on Martijn on his own Deep Edition Recordings. Oddly, the EP consists of three mixes of Easy Lady and just one of Party People itself.

Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of the Deep Edition sound, and so it is here, but it’s worth pointing out that this is one of the techiest, most leftfield offerings from the label yet, compared to the more funky/soulful side of deep we know them best for. From the original and Qmusse mixes of Easy Lady, then, expect quirky, forward-leaning deepness, while the Marvin Zeyss Remix would be more readily filed under tech-house.

And then finally, Party People takes us on a more retro-inspired house tip, with a sparse, Chicago-esque sound palette, cowbells, a treated, druggy vocal à la Green Velvet’s Flash and what sounds suspiciously like a snippet of Weekend.
It’s Party People I’m feeling most but all told, another strong release from a fine label.
Out: This week on Beatport, then everywhere else from 5 December
About: You can find Deep Edition on Soundcloud and Facebook

Motif – Halo

November 22, 2011 in Singles

Just to show TIWWD isn’t and was never meant to be purely a deep/tech house blog, here’s something a little different…

The Original of Halo featured, you may recall, on last year’s excellent Nu Disco Apres Ski mix album by Sare Havlicek. It’s a delicate, ethereal number that sits somewhere between Balearica, slo-mo house and the floatiest of prog, and features an angelic female vocal from one Lena Belgart. Now, floaty prog with those dreamy-style vocals isn’t usually my first choice, but sometimes a track just grabs you, doesn’t it?

And Halo grabs me for sure. It reminds me a little bit of a more chilled-out sister to Milky’s Just The Way You Are, another track I was surprised to find myself quite liking a few years back… maybe with a little bit of Kate Bush or Florence & The Machine thrown in for good measure. You get the idea, anyway.

It comes accompanied with three remixes. One’s a straight-up instrumental, while Foto’s mix ups the proggy elements, but perhaps of more interest to TIWWD readers will be the deep house-inspired mix from Joe Morris, which comes on not unlike vintage A Man Called Adam material.
It’s between Morris’s rub and the Original for me but yeah, liking this.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Dutch label United Recordings, who I don’t think have featured on here before.